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• The true origin of vampires in The New 52 is revealed here through the life and times of Cain!

• Andrew’s plans as King of Vampires are coming together, and that’s not good for humanity.

Story by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Scott Clark
Cover by Alex Garner

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Now that this and Saucer Country have been canceled, the number of DC titles I buy regularly is… zero 🙁

  2. I’ll be sad when this ends, I love Fialkov’s work. I could smell the cancellation when they took off the regular artist. I mean before that, I, Vampire was the only book out of the 52 that had the same creative team, not artist swaps or anything.

  3. Yeah, I’m sad to see this book being cancelled too.

  4. This series misses Sorrentino badly. There were so many different art styles on display here it completely distracted from the story. At times it was like looking at a child’s drawings.

  5. Read this right after Swamp Thing #17 and found another DC comic suffering greatly from sporadic, rushed artwork. Every time I turned the page I saw a new art style. Some of the pages looked quite nice but it was hard to follow the story.

    More and more I find myself valuing quality artwork above anything else in comics. DC is clearly not making comics with me in mind. Only a handful of there books don’t suffer from art problems. I know Marvel does it too but they are at least more organized with their arc rotations.

  6. Good issue and sad to see this title getting cancelled. But yeah, I miss Sorrentino on the art.

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