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Thomas Katers09/11/08YesRead Review


  1. Lookin forward to this! More people should check this book out.

  2. I’m trade waiting. I contemplated picking it up, but I just can’t handle another book right now. Right now is the time for cutting back. If only this had come out last week…

  3. Why all the hate against Giants in the main stream media?  At least this does not seem to be espousing Giant on Giant violence (we’ve got to put an end to that).

  4. This book is weird, but I like it.

  5. This graphic design on the cover and inside cover are really nice. The bully moment was really nicely done in that it went farther than I expected.


  6. i LOVE this comic. The spitting in the hand bit was classic. "keep the change" haha

  7. A great book.  My POTW.  It’s sad and touching and yes, weird, but perhaps understandably weird.  Is it real, or is it all in her head?  We shall see. 

  8. Wait, this actually came out? Great, that means my LCS dropped it after the first issue and I’m forced to wait for the trade once again…

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