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  1. I hate it when a comic I pull doesnt have a cover on it…..hint hint

    The Namor issue was really good; I love Human Torch so I cant wait for this.

  2. I dont know either of the creators so i’m gonna flip through this at the shop

  3. @TopGun:

    This is Scott Snyder’s first ever comic apparently. He wrote a novel in ’06 called Voodoo Heart….which I have never read nor heard of.

    Scott Wegener is the creator of Atomic Robo and is currently doing the art on Killer of Demon’s mini. I’m a little mixed on his art style but Neb always says good things of this guy so I’ll give him a chance.

  4. This is not The Fantastic Four’s Human Torch a.k.a. Johnny Storm right this is the original Human Torch the one Marvel Comics created before they worked on The Fantastic Four Comics  cool I’m getting me a copy.

  5. @evil09:

    Yeah I believe this is the original human torch created by Proffesor Phineas T. Horton.

    Been enjoying the 70th Anniversary Issues and love the original human torch so only makes sense to pick this up.



  6. I didn’t buy the Cap one; it wasn’t interesting to me. I did buy the Namor one; it was good. I’m *excited* to buy this one. I expect it to be awesome!


  7. The Captain America and Namor 70th Anniversary specials have been good, and I’m a huge Human Torch fan, so I’ve no reason not to pick this up. Hopefully it continues the trend of greatness!

  8. marvel turning 70 continues to empty my wallet

  9. This was a fantastic issue by Snyder. I hope he gets a contract with Marvel, that’s how good of a writer I think he is.

    Plus great art by Wegener, it makes me want to pick up Atomic Robo now more then ever.

  10. Didn’t love the art, but it served the story and the story itself was excellent.

  11. Hey guess who Scott Snyder just thanked for a ‘glowing’ review of this comic?

    *points to self*

  12. Not as good as the Captain America or Namor issues, but a fantastic 4-star book nonetheless.

    @TNC: Awesome! It’s great to see creators being active here.

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