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  1. If you want a "bombastically brilliant book" do the opposite of what the description is telling you.

  2. Looking to destroy a formerly enjoyable book? Here’s what ya do:

    Hire JEPH LOEB!

  3. This is actually the top selling ongoing book at the moment, only Secret Invasion and Final Crisis do better. For a book that gets so much shit thrown at it, it sure as hell manages to bring in the sales. 

  4. If Loeb had Rulk beat the crap out of Thor, he should absolutely destroy the Sentry.  Maybe just mess up that stupid face a little.

  5. @Guardedmarman & FACE – If you guys hate the book so much, why did you take the time to comment on it? Are you guys closet Hulk readers? 🙂

    And yeah, this book is selling quite well because its one of the best books being published by Marvel. A bad book doesn’t have to reprint its first five issues within a week of release, people. If you don’t like the new Hulk series, then go read/think about something else.

    Personally, this is one of my top favorite ongoing series this year. The new issue should be a blast 🙂

  6. I just wanted to post, i dont know why and I was a cloest hulk reader but not anymore dropped it at the curb.  I just wanted this to be good but I didnt feel it was so, yep thats it. 🙂

  7. J4K3 – nothin closet about my Hulk habits. i’ll gladly admit to reading it. disspointingly i’ll admit to not enjoying it. to me the series had promise until the Rulk reveal was thrown to the wayside. now i’m just frustrated. i have yet to cancel my subscription, but have considered it. as long as i continue to read the series i believe my comments are justified.

    –notice you don’t see me leaving any comments in the New Warriors thread— 🙂 


  8. Jeph Loeb + Hulk + Frank Cho + The Sentry= My 10th level of Hell

  9. Art Adams!

  10. @conor: I thought Cho was on this? Did he just give up or something? lol

    Even still, take him out of my equation and it’s still the 10th level of hell.

  11. This issue, like last issue, has two stories – both written by Loeb, one drawn by Art Adams, the other drawn by Frank Cho.  And I can always count on people launching the criticism of a Loeb-written book before it even hits the stands.  I think that Ultimatum #1 had well over thirty posts – nearly all negative – before it even reached the stands.  Loeb has become the writer equivalent of Rob Liefeld – people LOVE to HATE him!  I happen to think that some of his stuff is pretty entertaining, and other stuff isn’t.  Rather than simply blasting the man by reflex, I prefer to simply judge his work product.  AFTER I read it.

  12. @rwpos – Using level-headed logic like that… it’s a wonder you read comics.

  13. Man, that a no-nonsense punch on the cover!  Looks like the Sentry is saying "I have had enough of you and your book Hulk!"

  14. If you’re reading the book, then good. But perhaps the complaints should be about what you didn’t like, as oppsed to a general "this sucks" statement.

  15. This book has an average rating of eight, out of five.

    That HAS to be worth something.

  16. @kthx-Rulk punched the 5 stars and caused them to turn into 8!!

  17. @kthx: No Jeph Loeb hacked into the ifanboy site and changed the rating system. 5’s are the highest for other issues; but Ultimatium and Hulk will always be 8!

  18. What a dumb book but it’s certainly a lot of fun! 🙂 

  19. Art Adams, indeed!  Though did anyone else think his Ms Marvel looks strangely like Empowered?  This is ok, which is almost excellent by Loeb-standards lately.  And the Cho backup story is just an excuse for Cho to draw cheesecake… but why else would you have someone like Cho on pencils if not for that?  No surprise there.

  20. i’m sorry, but i am going to have to drop this book.  the stories arn’t very believable (for a comic book) hulk keeps changing for what seems, just for the sake of changing.  non of my questions have been answered or even really inknowledged.  why is hulk dumb? why is he sudenly changing to diffrent hulks all the time?  Doc sampson has always been a dick but never an out right bad guy, why is he suddenly out to kill hulk?  why is rick the new abomination?  how did hulk get to los vegus? why, why, why why why?  Lobe keeps plowing ahead with the story with out adressing anything, and i dont think he is going to.  so after this book im droping it.

  21. I thought this was another fun read from Loeb, Adams, and Cho.  The "lead" story with Banner-Hulk facing off against the Sentry and Ms Marvel, and featuring an heroic Moon Knight (which I’ve sorely missed) is fast paced and all-around solid tale.  The "back up" feature with She Hulk, Thundra and Valkyrie battling Red Hulk is equally action-packed and keeps the mystery of the Red Hulk healthy while giving us more simple fun.  By no means a deep or moody book, if you like a fun fast read with great visuals I really don’t think that there are many better options on the stands these days.  Also, it’s interestng to note how many (negative) comments were left before the book was sold, and how few of any kind of comments have been left after people actually read the story.  Did any of the people who took the time to blast Loeb actually take the time to read his story, or is he so cosmically horrible that reading his work has become an unnecessary step in criticising his work?  Just curious…

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