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  1. 32 pulls. Evidence that this book is in need of some serious momentum. Thank God(?) Thor’s coming to town!

  2. Any guesses on who Red Hulk is yet?

  3. Doesn’t anyone else feel that Marvel dropped the ball here? The summer you have a popular movie entitled "The Incredible Hulk" and you have no Incredible Hulk comic? There’s this, which is not Bruce Banner and is red, or Skaar son of Hulk, which may be good, but still not banner and then Incredible Hercules, also good, but not what people who saw the movie would be looking for. Strange.

  4. Man if this was anyone else other then Loeb, this would’ve been cancelled after the horrendus 2nd issue. I dropped this sucker right after that issue, but damn it’s funny to hear how terrible it still is.

  5. I like it!  The only thing that has annoyed me is it’s lateness.

     @Nate  I’m pretty sure green Hulk is in this issue.

  6. Its been a fun smash book, I am sticking through till the first arc wraps up then I will probably drop it.  No big loss for marvel though sense I never read hulk in the first place.

  7. This is kinda like watching wrestling with less drama

    what i think it needs are MORE two page spreads…  *rolls eyes*


     A Watcher cameo?  Are you F*#king kidding me?  Loeb actually sat down and thought that having the Watcher show up was a good hook for this issue?


  9. Actually. seeing the Watcher getting knocked on his ass was highly entertaining for me. It’s about time someone bitch-slapped that smug bastard!

  10. Again Loeb destroys a book that was good! First Ultimates and now Hulk. Stop Loeb before he destroys another Marvel title!! Makes me wonder if Captain America white will be any good?I feel bad for Mcguinness (another personel fav)being connected to this book has got to sour some people to his art.

  11. Honestly i’m not impressed buy this book.  I liked the idea of a red hulk and the mystery behind who it really is, but why is this hulk dumb? I was hopping for the same hulk that took out most of Manhattan and the Sentry to face off with the Red Hulk. Can anyone tell me what happened to him or are there different hulks now. the reason why I ask is because the Prof.Hulk showed up in the latest issue of the FF as part of the New Defenders.

  12. i see that this is a contriversal book, some people hate it and others like it (havent seen anyone say they love it yet) personaly i rather like this book.  yes i was disapointed that its the dumb hulk, but hey what can you do?  as to who the red hulk is?  early speculation said that he may be thunderbult ross.  but i think that there were some cluse in this issue that pointed to posibly Doc sampson.  i wont put any money down but hopefully it can get your mind working.

  13. I thought the Watcher thing was kind of… well, not funny at best. 

    Art is very cool in this book. Writing… not so much. Every time I read this title I put it down feeling ripped off. It feels out of continuity.

    I’ve been pulling The Incredible Hulk since Jones’ run. This isn’t the Hulk. It’s crap.

    Dropping this after the arc is over unless Loeb is gone from the title. What’s wrong with him? He used to be decent but his efforts lately are very lame. 


  14. I don’t get the hate on this one… I just reread it and i loved it.

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