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HULK #31

Red Hulk is already used to his past sins coming back to haunt him. Now, even the good he’s done has created a deadly new challenge. The world stage bursts open to make room for a powerful mastermind who wants to remake society in her own vision–after she kills the Red Hulk!

Plus: a mysterious group has plans for their newly adopted champion–Rick Jones, the A-Bomb!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Gabriel Hardman
Colors by Bettie Breitweiser
Cover by Gabriel Hardman

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Back to back weeks of Hulk, o yeah. 

  2. Really? Because I after several months of this HUlk barage I am ready to downshift to 1-2 less issues a month. And definitely less Rick Jones. Do love me the Hardman, though.

  3. Jeff Parker is awesome.

  4. Atleast next issue is $2.99

  5. Still shocked that I am loving a Hulk book.

  6. @MisterJ I know, right?! Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman are gods!!

  7. What’s the shittiest Marvel title out there right now?? Put Parker & Hardman on it, and it will turn into a must read!!

    I’ve also been wondering, do these guys have an exclusive contract with Marvel? Because I am a huge DC fan (although Marvel has totally been winning me over lately), and they could really do wonders for that universe.

  8. I just caught up on Parker’s Hulk run. I didn’t read the Loeb stuff, but this new team sure is appealing to me. Can’t wait for more fun!

  9. Terrific stuff, and Hardman looks leagues better inking his own work with Bettie Breitweiser on colors. This is the last $3.99 issue, wrapping up the back-up story with A-Bomb and the She-Hulks. Interesting parallel track with the Zero/One developments right alongside General Fortean’s newest scheme to take down his former C.O.

  10. The main story was fun, but nothing really special. Still a five star book.

  11. Nothing special…. five star book? What would you rate it ifthe story was special?

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