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HULK #30.1

Special POINT ONE issue.

START READING with this Point One issue. For years, General Thunderbolt Ross chased the Hulk across the planet, hoping to capture and defeat the Jade Giant. Now, Ross himself is a gamma-irradiated force of nature and a new enemy emerges to fill the general’s army boots. His name is Fortean. His mission: to enact vengeance on the beast that took the life of Thunderbolt Ross. Little does he know that the beast and the man are one and the same! Prepare for the birth of the next great Hulk villain!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Gabriel Hardman & Tom Palmer
Colors by Jim Charalampidis
Cover by Ron Garney

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I thought that weird last issue was the point one. I guess it wasn’t.

  2. @ResurrectionFlan  it is because for some reason HULK is going down to 2.99

  3. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying a Red Hulk book.

  4. I’m just glad Gabe Hardman is back.

  5. @Minion: You can say that again

  6. I don’t think this 0.1 campaign has done much more than squeeze an extra issue out of the die hard fans and throw a monkey wrench into the lives of the poor creators. Almost none have been actual jump on points.

    Hardman has kept me on a book I was going to drop. He is awesome.

  7. I jumped on with this issue, hopefully the ones to follow are just as impressive.

  8. @JimBilly4  I understand what you’re saying, but this issue actually did a good job of telling the story up to this point and moving the story forward.  This was no throwaway money grab.  Parker and Hardman did a fantastic job, as usual.

  9. At first this issue seemed like it would be filler but it turned out good.  Still not too keen on the .1 gimmick.  I didn’t think this was any more or less of a jumping on point than any other recent issues.

  10. THAT was what a .1 issue should be! Jeff Parker is amazing.

  11. Fantastic issue! Love this creative team.

  12. I do like that Ross now has his own Thunderbolt Ross hunting him. Ah, Karma.

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