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  1. Everytime someone says that one of Jeph Loeb’s books is bad all Jeph does is hide behind the numbers of issues that an issue sold. With this title I think he’s merely riding on the coattails of the Hulk name and McGuinness’ art ability. So done buying this book

  2. Has this been delayed?  I bought number two a while ago and just thought I missed issue three.  Don’t think I’ll pick this up.

  3. I believe there has been a delay on this and it’s killing it, even more so than the suckiness of it itself. However, because it’s the Hulk, I ride it out.

  4. @TopGun, 

    I’ve noticed this too! This makes me laugh everytime I hear. On worldballoon, on fanboyradio, and any other interview or podcast he’s on. Hilarious.  

  5. …dropped.

  6. Gonna give it two more issues just cause I wanna like it…

  7. I’ll stick around a little more for McGuinness art but Loeb never did anything for me. 

  8. I was actually thinking of picking this up this week … but you guys might have just changed my mind!

  9. Dropped this after Issue 1, I listen to the Word Ballons interview with Jeph Loeb. He is got to be one of the most self-absorbed writers I have ever listened too. I believe he thinks he is god’s gift to comics and we are all idiots for not seeing the utter brillance of his work. No Wonder Bendis and Loeb got into it at the last creative retreat.

  10. Ya Loeb is for sure not all there anymore. His older stuff was decent but ever since he took up with the Wolverine run with Bianchi he has blown! McGuinness is still freakin awesome though and this is the perfect book for his style.

  11. Here’s my thing about Jeph Loeb- When has he ever built up a book that nobody expected to be any good?  He’s always using A-list characters that sell books on their names alone.  When he wrote Cable, he didn’t really improve it. In fact, he did a total 180 on the character so that it suited what he wanted to write. He did the same thing to X-force.  Superman/Batman sells itself. His latest arc on Wolverine is one of the worst stories I’ve ever read. I dropped Ultimates after two issues it was so awful.  His color minis show what his talent truly is, and that’s doing miniseries and one-shots. His in continuity work leaves much to be desired.

  12. Was going to drop this after issue 1 as I was so angry at how retarded the book was. Somehow thought that Ed’s great art was going to make issue more enjoyable but it wasn’t the case. I’ll be picking the rest of the series in the back issue bin at next years con.

  13. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

     not bad. I got it today because I have a subscription and A-bomb fights red hulk, it’s not bad

  14. oh the humanity.

  15. I think Loeb is writing superhero books geared for kids nowadays.  Nothing wrong with that just not my cup of tea.  Ya know..not being a kid anymore.

  16. This was probably the best issue in the series so far. I give it a C+ overall. Art is excellent. Story is okay, but its mostly action. So its hard to screw that up.

  17. I can’t stand the red Hulk. The color just sears into my eyes, and this Abomination design, is it more akin to this summer’s film? Is that what this is all about, trying to prep readers for the new film? It’s just making me mad and you wouldn’t like me when I’m mad..


  18. ANGRY.. you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.


  19. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t outstanding but not bad at all. After reading some of these comments I was a little thrown off…to each their own I guess.  

  20. Normally I’m a continuity geek, but this book’s loose adherence to continuity hasn’t bothered me.  What HAS bothered me are the vast shipping delays that seem to be the trademark of most Jeph Loeb books.  The art is awesome, and the story has been fine, although it seems fairly shallow.  Fun, to be sure, and I’ll keep reading it, but I’m sure that it would be a lot more energetic and fun if it came out every four or five weeks.  Of course, it’s not Ultimates-late, so I guess it could be worse…

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