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HULK #28

Scorched Earth Convergence! Rick Jones (AKA The A-Bomb) finds the source of the next Doomsday scenario and immediately gets in over his head on the most dangerous patch of ground in the Pacific…Monster Island! Fortunately for Rick – (or not) – Red Hulk is nearby and heads in for the deadliest mission yet. Can our monsters stop their monsters? Or will they become the key pieces in the Intelligencia’s master plan?

Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Gabriel Hardman and Mark Robinson
Cover by Ed McGuinness

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I hope this is better then last issue. I found it to be lacking(or maybe I am just tired of Rulk getting himself beat up every single time). Even so, Hardman has me sold on this book.

  2. This has been the best week of comics in recent memory. Maybe the holidays just have me in a great mood but every book I read this week has been good!! And this is the book that might be my pick of the week!

  3. @jdudhead omg I couldn’t agree more! I had all 5’s this week, for the first time ever

  4. This, along with what Red Hulk is doing in Avengers…yeah, it was a great week.  And the back up to this was unexpected and neat.

  5. Friend handed this to me and demanded I read it. How could it be this awesome? It has Red Hulk. And that backup… I was NOT expecting that. I… I may start picking up a Hulk book.

    This feels wrong.

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