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HULK #25

Take cover, here comes a rampaging engine of awesome force- and we’re talking about our new creative team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman bringing RED HULK into a new age of sci-fi adventure! The score has been settled, Red Hulk has been beaten by the Incredible Hulk decisively. The war is over and Steve Rogers is on tap to give these explosive characters a sense of direction! Red Hulk heads out to deal with a deadly contingency plan left behind by Leader and MODOK, for once on the side of the angels. But IRON MAN didn’t get the message…

Plus, an extra 8-page backup featuring Rick Jones, the A-BOMB, by Jeff Parker and Mark Robinson.


Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.6%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Jeff Parker? Rick Jones backup? Hell yes, I say.

  2. BOOM

  3. Bring it Parker. Make me keep buying two Hulk books. I dare you.

  4. This cover screams "BUY ME you fool" and I’ll oblige

  5. I enjoyed Fall Of The Hulks/World War Hulks, for the most part. So needless to say, this new Hulk story has me quite intrigued, since we can now move away from that whole “Who Is The Red Hulk” business that went on for far too long, and get into some characterization.

    This book has been somewhat interesting since #17 or so, so I’m looking forward to see where Parker takes this.

  6. I haven’t bought a Hulk book… well,… ever.  So, this is the first one.  I hope I am not completely lost.  Wish me luck!

  7. Well, I said I’d start buying as soon as Loeb was gone, so here we go.

  8. First Hulk book I’ve read since Planet Hulk and I dug it.  Red Hulk seems interesting enough and it’s a solid setup.  Parker writes it well and of course the art is fantastic.  Was surprised by the backup which also had great art.  Perfect light tone for a backup strip.  I’m sold.

  9. Thought this was pretty good – although, was it just me, or was Iron Man a little too chatty when he took on the Hulk?  I could’ve done without the backups, though. Some of the dialogue in the Rick Jones story was awful; couldn’t believe the same writer had scribed it. Even so, I’ll be back for #26.

  10. Thought this was cool and it should be cuz this is the Atlas team. I haven’t read any of this Red Hulk stuff since around issue #12. 3/5

  11. Time to see how many people join the Gabe Hardman bandwagon that I’ve been driving since last year.

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