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HULK #19

This is it! The Fall of The Hulks begins here. The opening round: THE RED HULK VS. THE THING with Reed Richards’ life at stake. When the Baxter Building is attacked by the all-new, all-deadly Frightful Four, who will save the Fantastic Four? How about THE RED HULK? Not a chance. The superstar team of JEPH LOEB and ED McGUINNESS shotgun this mindblowing chapter of the biggest Hulkventure of them all.

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
PENCILS: Ed McGuinness
COLORED BY: Dave Stewart
LETTERED BY: Comicraft
COVER BY: Ed McGuinness

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. I stopped reading this a few months ago, but I just have to say I love solicits that begin "THIS IS IT!"

  2. I haven’t been reading this since World War Hulk stunk up my house but the previews last week looked magnificent. I’ll pick this up purely for the art. When Eaglesham leaves the Fantastic Four – in was is hopefully 5 years – I want Ed McGuiness to take over the FF.  His Ben Grimm is quite pleasing to my eye.

  3. The only reason I continue to read this is the art. Best art for Hulk since JRJR or Ron Garney.

  4. Actually liked Gamma, against all expectations. Did not like #18, though. By my calculations that gives this about a 5% (1 out of 20 issues) chance of being good. We shall see. I like McGuinness, but I wish he would do more panels and less splash pages. An all splash page book defeats the purpose of splash pages. In his defense, it is entirely possible Jeph told him to do it that way. The writing suggests as much.

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