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  1. Is anybody else still reading this?

    I have every issue so far.

  2. Still reading, and still loving this series. Its definatly a slow burn, but the reveal last ish was pretty interesting. I’m really stoked to see Corbin’s section, they get such awesome guest artists.

  3. I’m pretty much solely enjoying the side stories…the main story started to lack a punch for me, that thing that keeps a story kicking…but the peripheral stories are amazing.  There hasn’t been one that I have not enjoyed.  And it’s still $2.99, which means something to me now.

  4. Hmm. . . I just read the summary of the series on Wikipedia and I am IN! This sounds like a fun premise, and the "new storyline" solit. seals the deal.

  5. I’m having a blast with House Of Mystery.  I haven’t missed an issue yet.

  6. Switching to trades has been torture. The new arc is tempting me back to issues.

  7. Richard Corben art… sweeeeet.

  8. For me, the mini stories are stealing the show from the main storylines.  I have little interest in Fig and Harry, sorry to say. But I will still pick this up for stuff like Richard Corben’s haunting art.

  9. This was my first issue.  Are the little mini’s within the main story common?

  10. Think I’m going to have to jump back on board with this after Josh’s positive review and just learning now about the Richard Corben art.

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