Under the guidance of Steve Rogers, Earth’s heroes are at an all-time high but that doesn’t mean the villains are taking it lying down!

Get inside Steve Rogers’ secret files as he analyzes evil from the cosmic menaces of Thanos and the Cancerverse, to the arcane might of Hela and Black Talon, to the armies of Leviathan and Hydra, to the costumed escapades of Deadpool and the White Rabbit!

It’s 64 fact-filled pages of the worst men and women the Marvel Universe can offer!


Price: $3.99
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  1. Oh. Man. This weeks POW Podcast is gonna make me spit out my milk!

  2. I bet the entry for Mystique will be especially offensive. 

  3. WIN!

  4. That’s a great cover…..but two things:

    A) As a Deadpool fan…..he’s not a villain. He’s a merc, which means he’ll be either/or when the money calls for it. (Also, Way has been trying to make Wilson a hero for a good year now.)

    B) Jae Lee drawing MODOK?…..That’s gonna give me nightmares. 

  5. Oh man I nearly forgot about this. so glad i checked Jimski’s pull list and saw it. Cannot wait to hear ron read entries from this

  6. @TNC – Wade was also featured in the Heroes one-shot. Seems Steve can’t make up his mind about him, either.

  7. My comic shop didn’t carry it. *pout* Might take a look this weekend at another shop to see if I can find a copy…

  8. @Mike – Mine neither. I’m gonna feel so left out when Ron is yelling about it on the show…

  9. @Casey: Really? Well that means he could be in the X-Men book as well!

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