The Lion of Olympus has fallen. And as the Heroic Age dawns, the Golden Mace of Hercules passes to a new Prince of Power…who just happens to be Herc’s best friend, Korean-American kid genius, Amadeus Cho. But when Amadeus finally reveals what he plans to do with his new power, the heavens themselves may shatter as Marvel’s mightiest pantheons are shaken to the core! And wait a minute…what’s THOR doing on the cover of this book? Fan fave writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and beloved “Thorcules” artist Reilly Brown bring the thunder with the next essential chapter in the mind-blowing, heart-wrenching, and gut-busting epic that is the “INCREDIBLE HERCULES” experience!

COVER BY: Isaac Cordova
WRITER: Fred Van Lente
PENCILS: Reilly Brown
INKS: Jason Paz
COLORED BY: Nathan Cabrera
LETTERED BY: Simon Bowland

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I love Hercules. Thank god reilly brown is doing the art on this. Ive been hated the art on the last mini. 

  2. I’m very interested to see where this story goes. Pak and Van Lente have crafted an interesting story (definitely the best thing about World War Hulk) and I’ve been liking every issue of the Hercules/Amadeus saga.

  3. I hope all the Hercules fans realize that this is the next stage in the story. It’s a bit of a risky move not having Hercules or Amadeus Cho anywhere in the title.

  4. I am going to give this  a flip through to decide if I wanna get it

  5. No Hercules equal no sale. Being that I never cared for the Cho character, this is an easy pass.

  6. Was hoping to see some feedback on how this was in either comments or review form . . . rating is relatively high, but I want some specifics.

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