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The Chaos War left
 Hercules without powers — and without a sidekick. But when mythic evil stalks the streets, and a latter day band of Hercules-worshippers cries out for their savior, what is the son of Zeus to do? He takes his three thousand years of combat experience, raids the armory of Ares for the most fearsome weapons of legend, descends from heaven and gets medieval on their asses. Return to Olympus with Hercules’ “Dream Team” of writers Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente and artist George Jeanty for an all-new, all-dark on-going saga here!

Story by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente
Art by Neil Edwards, Scott Hanna
Colors by Aburtov
Cover by Carlo Pagulayan, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson & Dean White

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Can’t wait to see where Pak/Van Lente are taking Herc to now. A bit bummed it’s gonna tie-in so quickly to Fear Itself though (based on advanced solicts). But these guys have been writing the character for so long now it should be par for the course for them.

  2. Haven’t read any of the Hercules series in a while. But the preview for this is incredib;e, I just HAVE to pick it up.

  3. Read the small preview of this issue in a sampler Marvel handed out at WonderCon. I have no history with this character, but it peaked my intrest. I’ll pick it up. 

  4. @Multihuller  If you like this first issue, you really should go back and read Chaos War.  The trade comes out this week too, so very good timing on Marvel’s trade department.

  5. @NodNolan/Multihuller: This is a completely new status quo for the character so you don’t have to read the previous run.

    BUT… would be irresponsible to say not to read it. Some of the best Marvel comics for 2 years came from Incredible Hercules. 

  6. So, that whole “our new series are going to cost $2.99” was definitely a work of fiction on Marvel’s part? Or is the next issue of this going to be $2.99?

  7. The new, slightly gritty tone of the series turned me off a bit. But once this got going it was a lot of good fun to read. Not the slapstick humor you’d expect from the last series but just some good action and gritty fighting involved. I definitely loved the mythological exposition panels for each weapon Herc used. Art could be better though.


  8. @TheNextChampion

    wow, we have different taste in art. I would like Neil Edwards’ art to Georges Jeanty. IMO its utterly gorgeous.


    issue 2 onwards is $2.99 

  9. In broad strokes, this felt a lot like that show Cupid, but this was good.

  10. Since this was a #1 I gave this a shot…and hated it.  This seemed so ridiculously serious.  And the whole weapons thing made me gag ‘(sorry TNC).  Now Hercules is about gadgets?  This was not the lion of Olympus I remember.  I think Hercules is more Thing/Deadpool than Wonder Woman/Punisher.

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