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  1. Amazing cover… and I can’t wait to read this!

  2. I hope there is some type of payoff to this. I’ll be very disappointed if there isn’t anything to hook me into the next mini. Wish we didn’t have to wait for another mini either…

  3. I’m very excited to see where this goes.  Will he or won’t he?  Either way, I think we’re in for a ride.

  4. @TNC: I’m not negative at all when i discuss the book i read. Why do you have to be?

     Sweet Jesus, YES!! i love thing title

  5. @TNC Its fucking Hellboy, you should be use to it, by now.

  6. @TNC – Its probably better to look at this as an ongoing.  I understand what you’re saying, but it sounds like your problems with this book is because you expect something mindblowing just because its the final issue of a mini.

    Mignola’s telling a long, sprawling story.  He just happens to break it up into mini’s so he can tell interesting stories in between to add to the mythology

  7. This is my first Hellboy series ever and it’s rocking my socks off. The last issue was my potw, and in the back of that issue I read something about The Crooked Man. Is it worth finding?

  8. @Ruo21 Fuck yeah its worth finding. Corben at his best.

  9. @Ruo21 – Absolutely.  The Crooked Man is set in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky.  You get a lot of interesting "Hills" magic and symbolism.  It is one of the creepiest Hellboy stories I have read.

  10. Awesome, I really need some more Hellboy in my life. Any idea when the trade is coming out?

    Also, I’m surprised that with my new found love for Hellboy that I can’t seem to get into B.P.R.D. I tried the Black Goddess and dropped it after the third issue.

  11. @ruo March 10th according to dark horse.

  12. @everyone:

    I know it’s a long, ongoing story when you think about it. I know I should be expecting another mini out of this, just how Darkness Calls was going to continue with Wild Hunt. But the pacing and the unexpected hiatus just killed any enjoyment that I could’ve had with this mini. Ignoring the hiatus, which is not a problem for me anymore, it’s the pacing that killed it. This could’ve been told in half the issues and it doesnt feel like the same Mignola I grew to love.

    Maybe the pattern is starting to get to me. Like Nova, there is a pattern to every story so maybe now it’s just ruining my enjoyment.

  13. @TNC- I’m unfamiliar with Mignola’s previous work, but I thought the pacing was superb in this arc. I have yet to be bored even during the issues that some might consider "filler issues". I’d love to know which Hellboy series you think is better paced than this, so that I might pick it up and compare it with this.

  14. @tnc you must be a get it now or never type of guy;)

  15. @Ruo21: I think all of the Hellboy stuff is great! Except now that this particular art seems to be a bit ‘off’ for Mignola. I’m usually fine with the slow pace……Actually you know what? I only started to pick up issues with the Crooked Man mini. I’ve always read Hellboy in trades (thank you public library). So maybe I am just not getting used to following this in issue format.

    @vadamowens: Maybe I am, although I was very hyped on the first four issues of this mini. Maybe the hiatus still bugs my brain.

  16. Reading monthlies and trades is two very different thing.

  17. @TNC: we’ve been over this before. Complaining about the PLANNED hiatus between issues is like complaining about the gap between the lord of the ring movies.

    TNC: ARRGH! why do i have to wait until next year to see the next one?! Arrgh!!

    TNC’s MUM: because things actual take time to produce, dear, you can’t except everything all at once! just relax! Eat your ritalin

    I’m just joking, TNC, but you see my point.

  18. Regardless, bitching about the hiatus is getting pretty old.  We should be talking about the fact that Hellboy is the heir to the English throne

  19. @cutty: exactly! that’s a pretty big deal

  20. Just reread 1-7 in preparation for this. So much better all at once, I’m stoked!

  21. Hellboy being the heir to King Arthur is pretty badass. I wish Mignola would play with it more then just a shocking reveal.

    Who wants to see Hellboy in medieval armor and fight a dragon?

  22. I do!!

  23. ^ your avatar was perfect for that

  24. lol

  25. The ending pretty much sums my thoughts on the whole mini:

    It left me wanting more. In the case for the last page, it was a good thing. On the whole though, I wish I didnt want to wait. It was a soild issue all around and I wish Mignola kept up this quality for the entire mini.

    Oh well, guess I gotta wait next year. Looking forward to the ‘Bride of Hell’ one-shot next month though.

  26. @TNC: dude, did you just complain about needing to wait again?


    I like that he picked up the sword.  I like that he struggled with the decision.  However, I (surprisingly) didn’t particularly like the art.  There were a few panels (particularly those with Alice in them) that simply looked bad.  Most of the rest of the issue was fine though.

  28. War for the Heavens fought between Demons and Monsters. Kings and Undeads alike, for the faith of Mankind it is, or is it? What lies… am I so emotional, that i can’t contain myself. POtW! FUCK YEAH!

  29. @stuclach: Alice did look a bit fugly didnt she? I didnt notice that until after I reviewed it…

  30. @TNC – Most of the rest of the art was fine, but those panels were tough.  It looked like her face was melting.

  31. @stuclach: She certainly did. Kinda hard to root for Hellboy to fall in love with her when she starts to look like a troll. lol


    Can someone explain the significance of the last few pages? 

  33. @cutty: I think it’s one of the minions of Hell forging a helmet for Hellboy. Since he’s controlling an army now….he’s gonna need some armor.

    That was a fantastic last couple of pages. Probably my favorite moment next to the reveal two issues ago.

  34. I really enjoyed it, but need to go back and read all 8 issues as I can’t quite remember Alice’s background. I also got a bit confused by all the references in the last few pages…I know there’s a lot of characters from past Hellboy stories (most of which I’ve read) but for some reason have trouble retaining all of them in my memory. Guess I need to pick up the Hellboy Companion.

  35. Hes forging the Helmet that Hecate ask him to forge in the last page of issue 5.

  36. Pay attention children.

  37. @cutty –

    See issue #5. This elf comes on behalf of a King. He brings the Queen of Blood, the Morrigan, ( @ rockinggeek -this is not Hecate) a crown, which he made for her, and she then tells him destroy it and to make a knife with the remains, then he’s to kill the king, throw the Kings heart into the fire and then make her a Helmet with three Ravens on it.

    Morrigan pretty much rejects the role of Queen of Witches in favor of the role of Goddess of War. When the elfin vassal of the king of the north brings her the gift of a crown to endorse her as "queen of witches", she tells him to smelt it to fashion a dagger with which to murder his king. Morrigan tells him to fashion her a helmet of iron containing her three names of Badb, Morrigan, and Macha. In her own words: "So all will know me–not queen of witches–but goddess of war!"

  38. @RolandofGilead- Thanx, I fuck up, with the witch in BPRD praying Hecate and all.


  39. Don’t sweat it rocking geek. This stuff can be heavy at times.

  40. You the man Roland.  I’ll need a big fat Darkness Calls/Wild Hunt re-read right before this story gets continued

  41. oh jeez, come on, rockingeek, get it together man!

    i really liked the art in this arc but i think they should put phillip tan on the next series

  42. @ed I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic?

  43. NOPE!

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