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  1. Saw a preview for this on newsarama and it’s looking sweet. Fegredo should just stick with Hellboy cause he’s a natural for this.

    Loved the last issue of this too. I’ll say it again but this is definitely bringing plot points from other stories into this one. So reading the other Hellboy stories might be a good idea before diving into this storyline.

  2. I found it pretty approachable. I’ve only read the first trade and seen both movies but I jumped right in

  3. I honestly cannot get into this book as much without Mignola’s art.

  4. @LukusLuke yeah I miss the mig too

  5. This was a great issue and I love it that Mignola took the time to tell an origin story for what was essentially a minor character in ‘The Corpse’. He really knows how to add depth and characterization to his characters.

    It’s also never a good sign when a naked woman covered in blood comes out of a coffin.

  6. this was the best single issue of hellboy i ever read

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