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  1. This is the only Hellboy I’ve read and as much as I would like to like it, I don’t really. Is it that Hellboy is just not for me? or is there a better starting point for Hellboy than this mini?

  2. Try WAKE THE DEVIL or THE CONQUEROR WORM for a purer Hellboy experience.  You really don’t know if you don’t like Hellboy unless you’ve read the pure Mignola.  I’m loving this series, but I’ve been a big Corben fan since his EERIE days.  It’s a better Corben story than Hellboy story.

  3. This was my 1st Hellboy story too… except I’m loving it. I went and read Seed of Destruction and The Chained Coffin but didnt think they were that great, just ok. I’d say try one other Hellboy story and if you don’t like it then it’s probably just not your thing.

  4. This should be a great starting point for any new Hellboy reader, considering it has no ties to ANY previous arcs/stories from Hellboy history. I think this has been a great side track for Hellboy, although I wish we could get to this big event that Mignola has been plotting since the beginning….But cant wait for this to be collected. Could it be my POTW? We’ll see on Wednesday.

  5. It’s a light week for me, so this may very well be my POW.  I’m very excited for this.

  6. @TheNextChampion- I’m new to hellboy so ill just ask you what big event?

  7. @bc108 – I’d suggest either collections of short stories, The Chained Coffin or The Right Hand of Doom.  I personally think The Conqueror Worm is a bad place to start because it draws its resonance from what has come before.


  8. @Guarded: At the end of Darkness Calls a pig monster, who in turn used to be an ugly elf from The Corpse, gets a coffin with a witch that not even the enemies of Hellboy want to see. We never see who is in the box but we learn that she will make the world bath in blood and many lives will be gone once she is revived. Hellboy, although does not know the threat yet, learns that he will command the armies of Hell one day to stop an unknown threat…..So yeah if it’s to be believed, there is some major *bleep* going down in the next couple of years in the Hellboy Universe.

    *Sees cover* GAH! God I hate that Crooked Man! So damn creepy!

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