After saving the world in The Storm and The Fury, but sacrificing himself and Great Britain, Hellboy is dead, cast into Hell, where he finds many familiar faces, and a throne that awaits him.

Mike Mignola returns to draw Hellboy’s ongoing story for the first time since Conqueror Worm. It’s a story only Mignola could tell, as more of Hellboy’s secrets are at last revealed, in the most bizarre depiction of Hell you’ve ever seen.

* Mike Mignola writes and draws the next phase of Hellboy’s story.

* Dark Horse horror gets under your skin!

Death was only the beginning!

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Mike Mignola
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Mike Mignola

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  1. Pick of the week, no doubt.

  2. Holy shit, it does exist!

  3. I’ve never read a Hellboy book in my life. Will I get anything out of this, or will I be hopelessly lost?

    • I’m pretty sure there’s a real quick “what’s come before” page or 2 to open this issue. I don’t think you’ll be too lost, but obviously there will be some nuances lost. Hope you enjoy it!

    • From what I’ve heard, the series is kind of going to be Hellboy going on wacky adventures in Hell, so it might be a decent place to hop on. You should go back and read the trades if you ever get the chance though, because they are hell-of-good and Hellboy’s usually pretty heavy on continuity, in my opinion at least.

    • If you watch the two Hellboy movies or read like the first two Hellboy trades you’ll probably be fine.

    • Thanks, guys! I’m jumpin’ in!

  4. Really excited for this.

  5. So glad to have Red back, and drawn by Mignola to boot! This is top of the stack for me, I can’t wait to journey through Hell with HB.

  6. It is so good to see Mignola draw Hellboy again. I too think this is gonna be my POTW before I even read it.

  7. Hellboy: Conqueror Worm was the book that made me an avid comic book reader. If Lobster Johnson ever makes it into Hellboy in Hell, I will close the comic and shed a tiny tear.

  8. I am so far behind in my BPRD reading it’s not funny. And typically I don’t read Hellboy because it leaves me cold. BUT with Mignola back on art I will probably pick this up.

    But let him rejoin the BPRD already! When he comes back to life, ya know.

  9. this is what i’ve been waiting for. not only the return of Hellboy books, but the return of Mignola himself at pencils.

  10. Can’t wait to pick this up, I also have to catch up on Hellboy.

  11. This looked a little sparse on story so I passed. 🙁

  12. So pretty

  13. I’ve only ever picked up Hellboy in trade before now, but I made an exception for this (and I’ll probably end up double dipping).

  14. Wow, this gets POTW for me by sheer dint of having Mignola on pencils again. First time since 2007, I think?

    However, I haven’t been reading the non-Mignola Hellboy or BPRD stuff and so I was hopelessly lost reading this one.

    Still, where else will you see the works of both Dante and Dickens evoked so subtly in a comic book? (as well as the return of those damned puppets!?)

    So, in conclusion: if, like me, you found Duncan Fegredo’s ape-ing of Mignola’s style to be a bit much and only really show up for P. Craig Russel, Richard Corben or Mike himself on art duties, you will not have any idea what’s going on.

    But its so very, very pretty to look at.

    • I would recommend that you go and pick up the first trade and catch up. At the very least, go back to Darkness Calls, Wild Hunt, and the Storm and the Fury. Those 3 trades will get you to this current point pretty quick. The Storm and the Fury was a significant storyline.
      No, I’m not a writer. Just a fan helping out with the occasional link.
      That Link I provided below goes along way to helping new and old Hellboy readers. At least, I think it does.

  15. David Brothers over at Comics Alliance has a great piece on the issue. Highly recommended.

    @APoetSomeday – if you felt lost, thats okay. It was exactly the feeling you were supposed to have. Scott Allie in the letters column makes that a point.

    “At one point in the book, there’s a waterspout with a demon’s face. It’s drooling a stream of water that’s a sickly shade of green. Etched across its forehead is the word “lethe,” the name of one of the rivers of Hell. Anyone who drinks from that river is doomed to forget everything. My introduction to the river Lethe came from John Keats’s “Ode on Melancholy.” Here are the first four lines:

    NO, no! go not to Lethe, neither twist
    Wolf’s-bane, tight-rooted, for its poisonous wine;
    Nor suffer thy pale forehead to be kist
    By nightshade, ruby grape of Proserpine;

    It’s about wanting to escape from sadness by giving up yourself, your memories, and your life. It’s also an apt poem to connect to Hellboy in Hell. Proserpine, or Persephone, was kidnapped and taken to the underworld to be the bride of the ruler”

    Read More: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2012/12/06/hellboy-in-hell-1-review-mike-mignola/#ixzz2EILyVEvz

  16. I also want to add that I read the crap out of this issue. I had an hour to read 7 issues, but I spent the first 25 minutes with Hellboy in Hell. I couldn’t get my fingers to let go.

  17. This was my first issue of Hellboy, and I’m only vaguely familiar with the world Mignola has created. I was pretty lost overall, and I think a lot of the subtlety and nuance went over my head. Having said that, I’m planning on sticking around for a while and seeing where it goes!

  18. I haven’t read read the Hellboy series (but really enjoy BPRD – The Devil May Jest was my jump on point), but I decided to pick this up anyway.
    After having read it (twice), I found myself confused amidst a sparse tale. I enjoyed the art and I could tell the story had meaning, but without a reference point to Hellboy’s history, the effect was lost on me. This issue is clearly for long time fans.
    Perhaps, I should have grabbed Seed of Destruction.

  19. This was my first issue of Hellboy and after reading it twice I felt a little lost but I can tell that it’s going to be a great story. I’ll get some of the stories that were suggested by other people to get up to speed so thanks for that. This will definitely be on my pull list. Really liked the art.

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