Sucked into a giant spacecraft full of mutated livestock, Hellboy must fight his way through giant robots, strange webbing, and evil aliens to get back to terra firma!

* Art by comics great Kevin Nowlan!

“Moody, dark, exciting, even a little loving; it’s all here. Good, good stuff.” – Comic Book Resources

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Kevin Nowlan
Colorist: Kevin Nowlan & Dave Stewart
Cover: Kevin Nowlan

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Hellboy in space? Giant Robots? Evil aliens? Now that’s a horse of a different color.

  2. These Hellboy oneshots are golden

  3. Agreed.  But I’m ready for Mignola to start drawing again.  As good as this series has been of late there’s just no comparison with the pre-Darkness Calls era.

  4. These one-shots (or two-shots with Sleeping and the Dead) have been 100x then the current storyline. Can’t wait for this.

  5. I can’t wait for him to go back to the bureau. Fegredo’s Hellboy is the Hellboy I picture in my head now. The last two shot was my least favorite of these short stories so we’ll see how this stands against Hellboy In Mexico.

  6. The description for this book perfectly encapsulates what I love about comic books.

  7. personally, i couldn’t give a fuck about these hellboy one-shots

  8. We need a special guest art appearance from Mignola!

  9. Kevin Nowlan must be a control freak:  As If Dave Stewart needs any help with coloring!

  10. @skydog: Maybe it’s the other way around.

  11. Hellboy just isn’ the same anymore.

  12. They should’ve taken Hellboy deep into space for a sci/fi adventure. Oh well, I think I’m done with Mignola’s fascination with the occult and ufos.

  13. This was crazy good, and also fucking crazy.

    Space probes, farmers who love their cows way too much, and an almost anal probe made this a laugh-out loud issue. These one-shots just seem to get better and better as they get printed. I hope ‘The Fury’ never comes out cause I just want these one and done stories from now on.


  14. I am all for another Nowlan HB one-shot. What a beautiful issue! Sorry Dave, but Kevin seemed just fine handling his own colours.

    We get Corben drawing Roger next month! Aw Yeah Roger!

  15. …And I was SO hearing Pink Floyd’s Animals in the back of my head while reading this issue. Especially when you see the pig escape and fly off. It was so Floydian. ha

  16. Beautiful, just bloody beautiful.  I’m all about the library editions these days, except when you get a genius like Nowlan doing a one shot.  I couldn’t swipe it off the shelf fast enough.

  17. Great story!  Great art!  Nowlan needs to do more comics!

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