A horrible witch and her zombie servant host a dinner party for a family of corpses, and Hellboy and Roger turn up to blast them all back to hell in this team-up story from Roger’s early days at the B.P.R.D.

* Art by Richard Corben (Hellboy: The Bride of Hell, Hellboy in Mexico, Hellboy: The Crooked Man).

* Features an early team-up with fan-favorite Roger!

* Twenty-eight story pages of blood-curdling horror!

“Each comic is able to effortlessly welcome and envelop you back into its strange world filled with odd characters and even odder ideas. I’ve cherished every one of my forays into the world of Hellboy.” – IGN

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Richard Corben
Colorist: Dave Stewart

Price: $3.50
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  1. Hellboy + Roger x Corben drawing = my geekgasm this wednesday. My eyes will be squirtin’.

  2. What @RolandofGilead said.

  3. I like Corben better than any of the other non-Mignola artists.  But, and I hate to say it, despite reading Hellboy since the 1st issue of Seed of Destruction, this one is circling the drain.  Since Mignola stopped drawing and stopped anchoring the book in reality it has increasingly lost me.  I think I’m still onboard with BPRD for now but after 17 years this may be my last issue of Hellboy.  Kind of sad about i actually.  But for me when I look at pre and post Darkness Calls there is no comparison. 

  4. @kmob181  I’ve thought BPRD has been better than Hellboy for a long time now.  I dropped Hellboy long ago.  I would like to see him back fulltime with the BPRD, though.

  5. @BCDX97  – Yeah.  BPRD has had some great series of late: 1946 and 47, Garden of Souls – I haven’t even gotten to the last few series yet as I have been abroad for so long…I get back to the States in 2 weeks at which point I will make my final decision but I really think Hellboy lost me at Darkness Calls and everything since then has been downhill – with the exception of the Crooked Man which was fun.

  6. I hope you concern trolls eat your words when this one shot comes out tomorrow.  Mignola, Corben, Stewart?  Are you kidding me?  This is like the comic book dream team. 

  7. @skydog  – No disrespect intended.  Corben is great.  But theme-wise and story wise I feel the book has lost something since Mignola stopped drawing it.   

  8. Mignola is going to be drawing it again soon

  9. @skeets  – That’s good news.  I still prefer the Nazi occult stories to the Goblin Queen ones though.

  10. @kmob181  -none taken.  I know what you’re talking about.  There’s nothing like the neo-gothic macabre vibe that I get from reading a Mignola drawn book on a dark and rainy day.  However, the crooked man came 7/8th’s of the way there.  On the other hand, if the quality of the book has waned since Mignola stopped illustrating it, what does that say about his writing?

  11. @skydog – Its not the writing per se as the theme of the writing.  I love myths and folklore as much as the next guy but without being anchored in something more real-world I’ve felt a bit detached.  Also, I think that when you are writing and drawing the book you can do a lot more with less because you know what every panel is going to look like.  With someone else handling artistic responsibilities sometimes things don’t quite come across as fluidly as they would’ve been if he were still drawing.  Its why Lemire is so successful despite a relative paucity of words in his stories.  He relies heavily on his art to carry the story.  Mignola used to do that and is still doing that I just don’t think its as successful with someone else behind the wheel.

  12. @kmob181  -nice points.  You, sir, are a true bibliophage!

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