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The politics of slam dancing reach a fever pitch and Constantine is dressed to kill. But looks can be deceiving – especially for a pathetic gang of aging skinheads, their fresh-faced new recruits and John’s hot new alchemist/accomplice, Epiphany.

Art and cover by SIMON BISLEY

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  1. I’ve never followed this title month after month, but i’ve always jumped on for certain arcs. After this arc which i’m absolutely loving (huge punk fan), i think i’m gonna be on board monthly!

  2. Dude, same here. I think its about time this becomes on of my regular books

  3. In my opinion, Milligan’s been writing the best Constantine since Ennis. And I loved Azzarello’s run …and Diggle’s too. For me, Hellblazer’s the best monthly ongoing flagship book in comics. And every comicbook fan should read it.

  4. Interiors by the Biz!

  5. Yeah with the exception of a few arcs (fear machine is the main bad one) being meh, this series has been solid for 25 years. My only gripe is the DiDio (I assume) declared that Vertigo not mingle with the DCU. Which sux because a Blackest Night Hellblazer would have rocked. I can see JOhn now flicking a cigarette butt and a spell @ someone like Zatara and telling him to "piss right off mate"

  6. @brassai2003: Except that Constantine would be pretty much tied down in language and behaviour :). I think it’s best that Hellblazer stays within the more permissive Vertigo confines.

  7. Yeah, fuck the dcu!

    Bisley’s getting insanly good in this issue and I fuckin’love all the Mucous Membrane reference and flashback. Its my favorite Constantine period and I always want more.

    Milligan’s bringing us all kinds of mindblowing stand alone stories, but staying always on the tracks of his main story. Mysteries, magic and punk rock.

  8. what an awesome issue. At the end of 265, i dug it, but wasn’t completely sold on where this was going. But after re-reading 265 and then reading 266, i absolutely loved it. The art is fantastic! And i loved that John was a punk. I’m a new hellblazer reader and am not sure if this is an unveiling of his past or if it’d been discussed before, but i love it. It seems so obvious. John’s face, posture, attituted completed fits teh punk that i know and love. I love all the references to the times and music of the pistols. Would have been cool if the arc would have been longer and maybe a bigger story, just so my inner punk fanboy-ism could have been stimulated with more references outside of the pistols, but i’ll take this.

    This arc has me on monthly for the first time!

  9. @Fvckstick: Pretty much every Hellblazer writer as touch the Mucous Membrane stuff, in their own way. 


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