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  1. Pete Milligan!!! Oh yes. I have just re-read his 80’s future war masterpiece Bad Company. So good.

  2. Wow, I’m really interested in what Josh has to say about Peter Milligan on Hellblazer. Also I just started to pick up Hellblazer, been interested since I read John in Sandman but never really knew where to start. I just decided to jump in finally.

  3. Is Leo Manco off this book?  🙁  I have high hopes for Milligan, very interested to see how the love interest will play out. 

     Love that cover too.  Bermejo is awesome.

  4. I’ve decided I’m jumping in! I picked up the last issue since it was reader friendly, but screw it, enough worrying!  I’m gonna take the plunge and absorb the current Constantine story.  I’m still catching up via a friend’s trades, but no more will i hem and haw when I see a new issue!  I’m really excited for this.  Let’s hope I can understand what’s going on.

  5. @valo – Go back and read some of the Garth Ennis Hellblazers the ones he wrote with Steve Dillon. Esp. Rake at the Gates of Hell & the issue where he turns 40 and gets Swamp Thing to grow him a massive pot plant!

  6. Milligan better step it up to match the kickass run of Diggle/Manco that proceeded him.

  7. Wow, am I glad I took the plunge.  That was excellent.

  8. @Anson, I’m glad you liked this!  I love HB, and want more people reading it.

    Loving the art/colours, and it seems like Milligan has a handle on John (though he’s made him a bit softer than we’re used to).  Excellent little mystery starting here in this issue.

  9. This was a pretty good issue. The "scabby" stuff’s just the amount of creepiness I like in a Hellblazer story. And I’ve been a fan of the artist since BKV’s Swamp Thing. The introduction of JOhn’s new chickee is kind of abrupt, but I’m fine with them skipping the first date. John having a new lady’s life to screw-up is par for the course in this book.

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