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  1. I love Diggle on this book, but if he ever leaves i think Aaron’s the guy to take it over.

  2. I wasn’t crazy about the last issue, I thought it was an awful lot of setup, but I do like the the whole 2 issue arc concept.

  3. Having never read Hellblazer before last issue I was completely lost but totally loved it (I only bought it cuz of Aaron). I found the dead dog part especially disturbing and yet very funny at the same time (call me sick; too many horror flicks, Ennis and Ellis lately I guess). Looking forward to this one as I do anything that Aaron writes, hopefully I can figure out what is going on this time.

  4. Aaron is exclusive to Marvel now.  The DC / Vertigo stuff that is coming out now was writen awhile ago.  Other than Scalped (which will be cancelled before issue 30) Aaron will only be writing Marvel books for awhile.

  5. Great way to help a book. Start spreading cancellation rumors so people are sure not to jump on board.

  6. Welp i just started this series last issue and its starting to get good i like this story arc so far and im just excited about this new series

  7. I only started picking this up when Josh made it POW recently, and I liked that story better than this one, so far.

    @Brandon2 — Scalped will be cancelled??? Do you have some inside info, or are you guessing? I hope you’re wrong, dude, I love Scalped.

  8. How can Vertigo possibly cancel "Scalped"? It’s the best book being published right now. Sooner or later that’s gonna sell. Also, can’t wait to read this "Hellblazer" nice set up last ish with an all but certain twisted Jason Aaron bloodbath to follow.

  9. It’s nice that someone is referencing the old stuff that I remember reading as a boy.

    In the first issue it was a clever idea of doing a story of Americans wisiting the UK. Not looking forward to him mangeling the UK slang though.

  10. I know Scalped is a sacred cow around here and that’s totally fine by me, but this Hellblazer arc did not do it for me. I felt there was no actual story here. Just events, and then a one page wrap up.


  11. Haven’t read this yet but based on the talk and review here I am nervous. Aaron hasn’t let me down yet and I don’t even want to think that it is possible. However, I just read my first ever Hellblazer trade the other day by Ennis (who is another personal fav) and Dillon and HATED it. There was way too much British slang and it made reading the last issue of Batman RIP look comprehensible. 

    I guess I don’t know what we should expect out of a 2 issue run. I think that’s a hard number to tell a story in. Personally, I really like one-shots, 3 issue minis have a definite beginning middle and end and 6 issues or more is hit or miss usually. With 2 issue you have to start and then quickly finish which is probably the downfall of this arc. So until I read it tomorrow, fingers crossed. 

  12. "I felt there was no actual story here. Just events, and then a one page wrap up."

    I totally agree with this. This was the first story of Jason Aaron’s I have read that I didn’t like. The 2 part story could easily have been told in one issue. This issue seemed to just be a random list of fucked up things mashed into a story.

    Maybe it’s because I’m not a Hellblazer fan or a fan of supernatural/magic type stories? I dunno, but I did enjoy the story arc right before this one, it was my first Hellblazer comic ever & it was great.

  13. Great first issue but this issue was pretty poor.

    Constantine just turned up, watched people die and then buggered off!

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