Is the love already destroyed, in the book that IGN.com calls “A hell of a good time”? Torn and battered – and rocked by the actions taken last issue – can Hawkeye & Mockingbird even trust each other anymore? The deadly duo known as Crossfire and Phantom Rider are betting against it as they continue their bloody path of revenge! To turn the tables, our quarreling couple must put aside their differences, set their own trap, and bring in a surprise player!


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  1. *cough* Dinosaurs *cough*

    It’s a light week & you know you love dinosaurs…

  2. @Jim : I also love this book. Great job, dood. Oh and I’d have that cough looked at. You don’t want to get an end of summer cold. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Ended up getting the last issue and loving it. I’m hooked.

  4. @JimMcCann: You’re bringing back the Sinclair’s from the classic, 1991 Disney show?

    With Robbie, Earl, Fran, and all the others!?

  5. @RahUniQue- you’re not kidding.  I’m getting over an end of summer cold.  it sucks.  and no, my name has nothing to do with the letters page.

  6. @Minion- thank you!!!  I know we gave you a little guff over almost dropping the book, so I’m glad you stuck with it!  You rock!

  7. @JimMcCann I think I just realized that your screen name is mysteriously connected to this title.

  8. @Minion: The lack of a space between a 1st & last name can be quite mysterious. 😉

    @JimMcCann: Love having you here.  I get that extra "Hey, that’s Jim’s book!" on Wednesday.

  9. This is one of those books that is just a no-brainer when it comes time to make the pull list. With others I have to debate, but H&M get an instant pull.

  10. I am in total agreement with @CaseyJustice. It’s also nice that @JimMcCann stops by to respond to our comments. I love Dinosaurs and H&M, so this issue is just going to be bliss!

  11. Love love….. L.O.V.E. this book so far.  And @Mochi75, I couldn’t agree more, it is amazing that the Writer of this series drops hints and responds to messages on this board.

  12. Only problem with that is that there are cats who want attention from creators that leads to them disrespecting for the sake of a little attention.

    I think it is a rough balance between interacting with readers and avoiding bullshit.

  13. I give you a Dinosaurs reference and no love?

    …..I’ll be in my room. 

  14. or they try to shame you into giving them attention . . .

  15. I just love this book.  You can tell Jim loves the characters . One of the best books this year.

  16. Sorry @TheNextChampion you’re simply, "Not the mama!"

  17. Its so frustrating, seeing this book come out on the first week of the month. Some of us have our comics sent after all the months shipping weeks, meaning, well, I only got issue 3 through the post today and it was AWESOME, and now I see you lot getting #4 and I feel a little numb inside, knowing I’ll have to avoid the boards for another month….

     Any chance the H & M schedule could slip back to week 4……. puhleaaaase

  18. @TheNextChampion – you’re the baby, gotta love ya?  😉


    @NodNolan- Black Widow’s chapters on Widow Maker will be coming out at the end of the month in Nov & Dec, so does that count?

  19. Loved the issue but sometimes the art annoyed me a little. When Hawkeye was Hawkeye he was fine but when he was Clint him face looked weird.

  20. …his.

  21. i wonder if Jim’s basing Twitch on himself… 

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