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• What is the Vagabond Code?

• Barton and Bishop mean Double the Hawkeye…and Double the trouble.

• Fraction and Aja are back with a chase that will blow not only your mind, but several your ancestors’ minds as well.

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by David Aja
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Cover by David Aja

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 72.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. Two super-badass issues so far can they make it a third? (‘Gasp’)

  2. Hawkeye is the top pulled book – what a world

  3. is part of the Vagabond Code not sleeping with your young sidekick?

  4. Love this book, was suprised that the first two issues were as good as they were. Think i’ll still be shocked if this issue is 5 star aswell. Might even go as far as saying its a rival to saga and batman.

  5. Happy to have subscribed.

    I’m hoping to see Fraction bring some of that goofy energy he had going with Defenders into his current titles.

    I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, following him from Iron Man, Thor and Defenders to Hawkeye, F4 and FF.

    I’m hoping for more zany and less events.

  6. just added this to my pull list, im all in lets continue the greatness

  7. If you like this you should definitely check out his Iron Fist run. Its both good and bad how his work on this book with Aja and his work on Iron Fist with Aja seem so similar. For obvious reasons and I’m not complaining. I could have read his Iron Fist book forever.

  8. I have read the first 2 issues on the ipad and loved it. I’m on board. Never thought I would ever subscribe to a title digitally, but this one seems to work well in that format.

  9. This is basically my favourite comic book series out there, and only two issues have come out. Really looking forward to this.

  10. This book is great. Love the stories and love the art and design of the book. The covers are perfect!

    • David Aja is probably my favourite artist working today. Just beautiful work from start to finish. I want to live in a world drawn by him!

  11. What a concept– great art, great writing (of interesting characters in interesting situations) and short-form stories (nearly done-in-one). Could we say a recipe for succes?

    • I love the “done-in-one” format as well. It makes it just an easy book to jump into and just have a good time with. Can’t wait to see more of the Hawkeyes!

  12. If I could read just a single comic every month, this would be it.

  13. The best new series in a long time. Works on so many levels.

    Happy with no double-shipping and the $2.99 price tage too (so far)!

  14. I passed on this title. Maybe i need to reconsider.

  15. Okay. Finally, the Batman and Robin “Look, I’m a Bat” moment has a real contender for panel of the year. Bravo, Hawkeye team. Bravo. If you’ve read this ish, you know exactly which one I’m talking about.

  16. For issue 3, all they really had to do is shoot for “nearly as good as 1 & 2.” Now they’re just showing off.

  17. I had to put the book down to laugh out loud for about 2 minutes while reading this.

  18. As it was a light week I picked up all three and I am so glad I did. I love the self contained nature of the series, the characters and how the “superness” and such has been toned down. I find this in the same vein as Daredevil.

  19. I needed three stellar issues before I could proclaim this my favorite title.

    This is my favorite title.

  20. Wow. As good as 1 & 2 combined?

  21. It really pisses me off how much I love this book. I’ve always thought Clint was a giant tool. I’ve always thought Fraction was a C level creator. Fraction is making me eat my words, this book is fantastic.

  22. I was giggling like a schoolgirl throughout. Oh man, such a fantastic issue!

  23. I still haven’t finished reading all my books this week but this has got to be POW.

  24. This is the book that Clint Barton and Clint Barton fans alike have been crying for!

    It is also a testament to Matt Fraction, a lot, A LOT of people were cursing his name after Fear Itself, but this book proves he can bring his A game when it comes to a non-event book.

    And of course Aja!

    …because boomerang

  25. OMG what’s not to love about this title, it is genius! The writing is smart and fun, while the art is off-the-chain!

    Please check my mini-review of Hawkeye #3 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  26. Holy crap!

    I totally ignored this book – I am just not a Hawkeye fan but I am definitely going to pick up the first three issues from my LCS tomorrow after reading these reviews

  27. 74% community pick of the week. This book needs more recognition. Funnier than the 5 years Waypool combined!

  28. This issue was awesome. I’m not even sure why I like this series. I just know I am smiling and giggling the whole time I am reading it. My wife just shakes her head.

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