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  1. So I gave last issue a chance and even though I had no clue about what happened or what was really going on I was intrigued enough to give it another go and it’s really quite good….I felt connected to the characters this issue and the art is pretty damn awesome!

  2. I bought issue 19 for the new team. I bought this issue for the Rebel Blood preview. The art in this book is pretty cool, but the story is not my thing.

  3. This was really good, but I’m out the minute things go south. Fox’s art is fucking gorgeous, though.

  4. I also jumped on for the new team; I have never read a book written by Casey, but I have heard/read good things about him, and I’m a big fan of Fox. So far I am digging it, this new guy–his name escapes me–is a badass, and I’m looking forward to the next issue.

  5. I dont know… I dropped Haunt around issue 11 becasue it wasnt one of my favorites and also budgetary concerns, but I jumped back on last issue for the new team and I bought this one as well giving it a chance. It’s all rather meh to me. I can’t get into it. I wont be continuing

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