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  1. The first issue did enough to peak my interest and make me wonder what happens next, now that is out of the way it is time to start telling a story and laying a solid foundation to maintain my interest

  2. I think I may have expected too much from the first issue, good as it was. Perhaps the focus should be on the first arc instead.

  3. Yeah I’m in the same boat, I wasn’t blown away by the first issue but it was certainly good enough to keep me interested in picking up the rest of the arc at least.

  4. I agree, I’m issue by issue on this. So far, so good.

  5. First was mediocre.  We’ll see how the 2nd pans out.

  6. the first was your run of the mill setup(although there were two or three cool parts), I’m hoping this ones better but if it doesnt blow me away by the next issue I’m out.

  7. I’m Also interested enough to find out what happens.

  8. I though #1 was mediocre but I’ll give this a go to see how it goes. Given my dislike of all things Kirkman I may not end up following for too long but we’ll see.

  9. @deadspace Wow, you don’t hear negative comments about Kirkman too often.

  10. I’m on board here for a bit.. I’m going to give it the ol’ standard 5-6 issue try.  I really liked the first issue, although I don’t think I’ve read or heard a review that wasn’t overwhelmingly negative.  Sometimes I gotta swim against the critical tide.

  11. @vadamowens – I know. I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like his work *shrug*

  12. I really liked the first issue, but wish they would stop with the Spider-man inspired front covers. I think they put a lot of people off and make them think MacFarlane is a one trick horse.


  13. Average rating right now is 1. ONE! Wow.

  14. It’s one of those comics that people love to see fail. I wonder how many "bought" it just so they can say its crap.

  15. I’m on the fence after reading this issue…..its not that I think the story is bad or even the art…..its just that the main character is basically Venom or Carnage jumping around in Spider-man poses with Spawn’s face….the character just kinda looks unoriginal…I’ll prob stick with it for a little while longer but it is probably going to have to start wowing me soon to keep picking it up.

  16. All Spawner-Man jokes aside, I like the Ottlley’s art and FCO’s colors a lot. I also enjoyed the layout. Maybe Ottley can think of a way to alter the visuals of the character. I also hope that Kirkman drops the Kurt/Daniel=one guy idea and just melds them into one character with one voice. I’ll stick around for a little while, though. . .

  17. LOL at the 2 covers side by side.

  18. He fought a guy named "Cobra" who had about 60 knives and pouches. And I can’t get over the fact that his last name is Kilgore. Dropped.

  19. This isssue was better than the last and my only real complaints that the flow in the art was uneven and clunky at times.  I am not sure if that was Capullo’s layout or Ottley trying to adapt to them.  I thought this issue did all the right things to move in the right direction. 

  20. I thought this was worse than the first one. Art wise, it doesn’t work due to the committee approach and plot-wise it honestly feels the same way. I’m going to drop it (can’t believe I’m dropping a Kirkman book) until I start hearing good things.

  21. when I got to the LCS i couldn’t even bring myself to buy this so I guess I’ve dropped it before I anticipated. 

  22. I don’t know… I’m kind of enjoying this so far.

  23. I really liked the second issue. I thought the first issue was subpar. I guess that really lies in the fact that I didn’t know what was going on and now the second issue explains a lot and gives the story a clear direction for now.

     I’m gonnna stick with the book through the first arc at least. This and Stumptown are in the running for my POTW.

  24. Wow.  There are some haters on this book.  I like it <shrug>.  Not too much happened in this issue besides action, but it seems like alot is going to be explained next issue.

     As for the art, to my untrained eye it looks great.  I like seeing Ottley’s clean lines gone over with McFarlane’s detail.  FCO’s colors seal the deal for me.  I’m digging it.  Haters be damned.

  25. @ cubman987 unoriginal, i bet u read bullsh*t super hero books that all wear the same lookin suits. they all have spandex, they all wear capes and have some sort of simular face mask. Stop being a hater for the boo being "unoriginal"

  26. Eh…pretty sure I’m gonna drop this. I enjoyed the first issue, but this one definitely left a 90s taste in my mouth. Still, it wasn’t all that bad…hm. I guess we’ll have to see how I feel when the next issue comes out. 2/5.

  27. I liked the first one better. Not much happened here though the scene with the cleaner was fun. I wonder how strong the 90s appeal of the book is gonna played in future issues. I like it, in a cheese kind of way. A assassin called Cobra with poisoned knifes and a thousand pouches is a good start. My 16 year old self would have loved it, and I think I still can connect to him for 22 pages every month.

  28. Very Spidermany Very Spawny but the ending of this looks like its going to open up the book beetter.  I’m liking it and am going to keep on with it.

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