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Christmas is here and the bad men are about to open their presents! It’s showdown time but can Nick Sax save the day without Happy to help him – or will he screw this up like everything else?

You must not miss the blood-drenched conclusion of our heartwarming Yuletide classic!

Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Darick Robertson
Cover by Darick Robertson & Frank Quitely

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Baffles me how they can fuck up scheduling on a 4 part mini series.

    • Doesn’t baffle me cause life’s unpredictable and the people involved in that mini have other things going on as well and might have had unexpected detours since planning this or just simply got behind cause they’re only human and its just a comic book.

    • It’s just a comic book is such a lame excuse for people being bad at their job. Do you think it would be okay if you went to a restaurant and they gave you the wrong order and burned? It’s just food, man. It’ll be poop in another day. Anyway, nothing really matters at all because we’re all just super evolved monkeys clinging onto a rock that’s falling towards the sun!

    • All that you just said should go without saying.

      Shun me from the tribe for expecting some accountability from a bunch of professionals.

      I get it, I’m in the architecture field so I can understand or at least relate to the struggle of creative endeavors. Some things you just can’t control (again, God given logic). Regardless, their idea or concept of this being a “Christmas story” completely falls flat on its face when they failed to keep up with their own, well, concept. I like context and a sense of ambiance when I read holiday-esque (?) stories like this one intended to be, and when it unfolds 2 months after it’s intended date, I am left disappointed. And hey you’re right, they don’t owe us, fans of the medium, any explanation or updates. But then again, I don’t owe them my readership or support. All I’m saying, I’d imagine your fans would really appreciate the honesty and heads up (note: BKV with Saga).

      That’s great that you and others can embrace these inconsistencies. Honestly, in almost all cases I’m completely numb towards that sad realization. Those inconsistencies simply come with the territory in comics, it’s evidently become acceptable and dare I say, expected. In my opinion, I find most cases to be just unprofessional and disrespectful to its’ readers/followers.

    • @TheAnti-Ronitor It’s just a comic book isn’t an excuse, the rest and more relevant points in my comment was. It’s just a comic book is my way of saying chill out over a delay. What your overlooking in my statement is that maybe bigger obstacles and problems got in the way of a predicted schedule and if so that doesn’t make anyone bad at they’re job, it makes them human, can you control everything that comes your way just cause you planned it? Does everything always go as planned in your life? Planet of the perfect apes?

  2. Im happy I get to read this this week.

  3. Hated issue 3 and that is not a word I use lightly. Only buying this because it’ll finish the series.

  4. Ye this has kind of sucked.

  5. Awesome, I was just thinking about this book. If issue 4 is as good as issue 1, this will be a success.

  6. I’m over this. As a huge fan of all stories crime and noir, a Grant Morrison book about a washed up cop-turned-hitman who drinks his life away talking to an imaginary blue horse had serious appeal for me. But this has been the wrong kind of ugly. In a lot of crime/noir stories, the dark underbelly of the world takes on a kind of beauty. This was ugly for ugly’s sake. The language sounds unnatural, the violence is ridiculous without being funny, and I couldn’t care less about the main character. Morrison just didn’t handle it the way I’d hoped. This is a rare and unusual case of wishing I could trade one of my favorite writers for another, as I think this would have been better served by Ennis behind the pen. I know that sounds strange, but fans of both might know what I mean.

    Between this and Action, it has not been a stellar year for this particular diehard Morrison fan. Thank God for Batman Inc.

    • I agree with absolutely everything said here. This is what I have been feeling about this series in so many words. Well said sir!

    • Does that mean you’re not even going to finish it to find out the pay-off? I’d like to see if you still feel the same way after its finished.

    • No I’m definitely gonna finish it up. And I hope I do feel differently after it’s over. Morrison always has the potential to surprise. I don’t loathe the book, it just wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.

    • Hear that, love Batman Inc, and from what I’ve been looking into it seems as though Action is rounding out to have a deeper impact and expand full circle as a story by the time he’s done and will probably read good straight though in trade. As for Happy! I haven’t read any of it yet, but like Action stories getting out there then pulled back in by the end is very Morrison like.

    • I think the over the top grittiness was intentional though, it was like Morrison taking that style to the extreme by saying “kiddie porn, drug addict, murdering Santa Claus!” and then having silly, goofy, psychedelic cartoon characters save the day. I can understand not liking it, but I think it’s meant to be a bit of satire and meta commentary. This was actually my favorite issue of the series too.

      Also, I really enjoy his Action Comics run too. So different strokes I guess

  7. To each their own but I have been thoroughly enjoying this series. Thought it was cool last issue how the girl kidnapped is connected with Nick Sax and can’t wait to see how it all comes to close. Another great series by Mr. Morrison IMHFO

  8. I just don’t even care how this ends. So I’m just going to avoid it.

    How Morrison and/or Robertson could screw up a simple 4 issue mini is beyond me.

  9. Jesus…these comments.

    How can anyone be upset about this book? It’s Grant Morrison and Darrick fucking Robertson. Do you people actually like comics or just like bitching about them?

    Give them as much time as they want to make the book they want. Would you rather have fill in artists like the New 52 just to get the book out on time? How would All-Star Superman have turned out if they brought in Greg Land or someone to do a couple issues because Quitely was taking too long and the fans need their monthly fix?

    • @Chrisgiff I like the way you think

    • @chrisgiff: Well Morrison said in multiple interviews that the issues would come out one a month from October to January because the story occurred over Christmas. If a creator goes to the trouble the of specifically and explicitly laying out a schedule shouldn’t we as fans expect him to, gee I don’t know, stick to his word? This wasn’t something Image or Diamond said, it was Morrison himself. Why is it inappropriate for us to be upset Morrison didn’t stick to his schedule but it’s totally fine for him to present a very specific schedule and then ignore it? Maybe you need to find out the facts before you attack people.

      Secondly, Nn one was upset by All-Star Superman because Morrison said from the very beginning it wasn’t going to be a monthly book. Its when creators go out of their way to assure readers the book will be on time, and then break that schedule, that people get upset. The two are not even remotely similar cases. Not at all.

      Not to mention, there are 15 comments on this comic not counting this one, and only TWO of them even reference the shipping schedule. Why are you acting like every single person is livid about the broken schedule? What is your problem? You are creating an argument that isn’t actually happening here and then arguing with yourself about it. Pointless.

    • I can be upset that any festive theme that has no relevance now can seem like a waste of time regardless of who is doing this doesn’t make me like comics any less & this hasn’t exactly been all that memorable a mini!

      To your point about the New 52 I don’t actually buy any of those books except Batman Inc. where I’m sure all the artists will be reliable tried & tested Morrison Bat-related. I have no care for Superman whatsoever so All-Star never affected me

    • I don’t care who the talent is on the book nor the scheduling. The quality in my opinion has been lacklusture and just because the great Grant Morrison’s name is on it does not mean it’s a sure fire hit and I’m confident he himself isn’t that arrogant either.

      Terrible argument.

    • @USPUNX, Yeah and when I met Morrison in 2011, he said Multiversity was coming out summer of 2012. Writers have very little to do with when their books come out.

    • @manwithoutbeer That’s what I was thinking too. I’m not saying I know why it was late, but there are a ton of aspects to getting a book out on time, so to presumptuously place the blame on the creative team is unfair. Does anyone know why it was late? Also, I really view these miniseries comics as “made for trade”, the floppies are just to get some extra cash, so as long as its out on time, no big deal to me. Shit, I waited like 2 years to read 5 issues of Infinite Vacation. Just leave #4 in the short box and read all 4 next Christmas 🙂

    • @manwhtoubeer & @thewac1: Well if that’s true then you’d think an experienced creator like Morrison, who has been doing this since 1987, would know better than to announce a hard schedule. Wouldn’t you?

    • I’ve never read Superman regularly in issue format but All-Star Superman really is a great story worth reading if you like comics, good stories and writing with good art period whether your a Superman fan or not.

  10. Glad this is finally coming out. Unfortunate that it was delayed, but if we get to see good art, then I am all for it.

  11. I never knew this had to be done by Christmas to be enjoyed,,Remember we make our own continuity

    • It really has nothing to do with Christmas. Why do you keep trying to create this argument from thin air? A couple people expressed their personal opinion that this would have been cool to read around the holidays. No one said they won’t enjoy it because of the schedule. People were disappointed and frustrated that Morrison couldn’t keep to the schedule he himself laid out, but no one mentioned that as a reason they are not enjoying the book. Show me one comment where someone said they aren’t enjoying this because of the schedule. Find me one.

      People have said they won’t enjoy it because it has not been up to the quality Morrison is known for. Try responding to comments that actually exist rather than creating an argument. You are clearly a Morrison fan, I am too, but that doesn’t mean everything he does is gold or that he is infallible.

    • Dude you really need to relax, you loose your shit way to fast and write long boring dribble. CHILL

    • That oughtta do it.


    • I’m not worked up at all. I just can’t stand people that make shit up simply to make themselves feel good. Post something worth reading.

    • Ya mad bro @USPUNX…..Nothing made up here,it is what it is, Are you a Writer? Are you a Artist? please tell me how long one should write and draw a book based on you qualifications. Do you think Morrison and the Robertson give a shit what you think? Loosing your panties over delays is beneath me, but it’s sometime you hold dear. I never wrote or drawn a comic before so like a smart guy I don’t cry like a bitch when something Is late….grow up. guaranteed this is something you will read.

    • Man you just don’t get it. I never bitched about the schedule or delays. Neither did anyone else on this thread. That’s the point. You keep bringing up something that never happened. You start arguments for no reason. It’s pretty sad man. Just move on.

    • Well Morrison said in multiple interviews that the issues would come out one a month from October to January because the story occurred over Christmas. If a creator goes to the trouble the of specifically and explicitly laying out a schedule shouldn’t we as fans expect him to, gee I don’t know, stick to his word?,,…………………@USPUNX you weren’t bitching about schedule with that comment ????????????

    • Way to let it go man.

  12. Plus I didn’t even start this, it was @chrisgaff who ranted and made an idiotic and untrue statement. You just kept repeating it over and over and over…

  13. @this Happy! argument

    Lol, CHILL is right….anyway, life happens and delays get caused by things in creators lives they don’t owe the world an explanation for, they’re comic books, if u can’t wait for an issue here and there your priorities are fuct. I love Morrison and the whole Xmas idea was cool but like I said life happens. Batman Noel was the same deal and I didn’t read it til way after Xmas and still enjoyed it, and will do the same with Happy!, if anyone really needs to read it around Xmas time, dig it up next Xmas and read it, in fact that’s a new tradition of mine, I’m gonna re-read Noel and Happy! every Xmas while Chevy Chase and cousin Eddie play in the background.

  14. Really enjoyed this series and this was my favorite issue of the bunch.

  15. Say what you want about this mini and the fact it might have got lost along the way with the middle issues and just simply moved the story along but this last issue tied everything together in a satisfying conclusion for me

  16. This was really disappointing. I know this is satire and parody of gritty and dark comics from writers like Mark Millar and Garth Ennis but when the people you’re parodying does a better parody of themselves than you, you did something wrong.

  17. Well after reading, I didn’t enjoy this at all. I really enjoy Morrison but this was just ugliness for ugliness sake.

    • Not that I can make you like a book you don’t like, but I don’t think this is ugly for ugly’s sake.

      I also don’t think it is parody.

      I think it is a grim crime book that is updating the theme of the Pandora’s Box myth.

      The theme being this:

      The world is filled with lots of bad shit but there is always hope.

      And that message is definitely not a nihilistic theme.

      I enjoyed this much more with this last issue and will be buying the hardcover.

    • I guess I have three main complaints about the series.

      1) Everything came together way too quickly. The first two and a half issues seemed to just be meandering about and then everything came crashing together in the second half of the third issue. And this issue felt very rushed, especially compared to the leisurely pace of the first two. Maybe if Nick didn’t spend soooooo many scenes telling Happy to “fuck off” the overall pacing could have been better.

      2) The language was ridiculous. I have no problem with bad language and I swear often in my everyday life, but the amount of times “fuck” was said in each issue of this series was comical and pointless.

      3) The violence was completely unrealistic but it didn’t seem to be intended that way. The amount of punishment Nick Sax endures in issues 3 and 4 alone was enough kill three people. If it’s not a parody then the violence needs to seem more realistic. It was like Die Hard or the Expendables, able to shrug off gunshots and knife wounds and keep fighting and talking like nothing happened. I don’t know how something can be considered gritty when the violence has not sense of reality.

      I guess the main reason I said ugly for ugly’s sake are reasons 2 and 3. I felt this was very nihilistic throughout the series. Putting in a handful of heartfelt, and they did seem genuinely heartfelt, pages at the end of the very last issue does not take away the blatant nihilistic streak that ran through this whole series.

  18. This was just dumb. What a letdown.

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