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As the VILTRUMITE WAR rages on within the pages of INVINCIBLE, the ranks of the Guardians of the Globe are suddenly depleted. The Guardians recruitment drive is interrupted as a distress call comes in from Aquarus: Octoboss has taken over Atlantis! Now the recruits are thrown head first into battle – let’s hope they’re ready. If only Invincible were there to help…


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  1. Lovely cover. Hopefully the story is better than last issue, which thanks to delays I barely remember.

  2. you know, the best thing about kirkman’s superhero stuff is reading a massive chunk of his stuff in bed when you’re sick or something. It’s a really fun entertaining read. it has a great re-readability 

  3. Nothing like an Invincible hardcover.

    Speaking of that, I need the next one.

  4. Anyone know when this is going to be getting the digital love? I know kirkman said all his series are going to be digital day and date "soon" but has anyone heard of a firm date on this yet?

  5. I thought the first issue was fun.  Definitely looking forward to this one,

  6. Cover looks great. But, it has to improve on last issue. Otherwise it may have to be dropped. :/

  7. I bet this will be great once it picks up some steam.  I think the first issue stumbled a bit with a lot of people because it was so tied to Invincible #71.

    @ScorpionMasada:  I’m not sure exactly when it comes out but Ottley tweeted the other day that he finished the cover art for the vol. 6 hardcover, so it’s coming soon. 

  8. When the first issue came out i was hoping that the art would be good.  Thank you Ransom Getty!  The art is better than i could have hoped for.

  9. Sweet!

    Thanks for the update.

  10. Yeah, Getty is pretty fantastic on this series.

  11. I can’t justify the 3.5 price tag for a book I didn’t really enjoy all that much and can possibly get digitally or in trade down the line. So I think I’m going to save my money and drop this. I’ll keep an ear to the ground here and see if I made the right decision.

  12. Second issue was much better. Embodied more of the Invincible tone of fun with some cool superheroics. Almost was going to drop this mini as well. I’m back with it now.

  13. Is this ongoing series?



  14. I thought it was supposed to be but it looks like it’s not to start with.  I’m betting they’re gauging the sales of this mini and if it does well enough they’ll make it an ongoing.

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