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  1. Sad that this and Superman have more pulls than Thor.  That’s ridiculous considering how low Superman is rumored to be selling this year.  Shows the slanted audience on this site.

  2. Or, it could be that GotG is awesome and that people, while they might like Straczynski, don’t care for the upcoming Siege or don’t want to pay big bucks for a reprint…

  3. GotG is awesome and I’m waiting for Gillen to start buying Thor. Fuck Superman!

  4. Thor and Superman are both on my list of "Never bought an issue, never will."  I even resisted buying the polybagged Death of Superman when I was a kid.

    I do, however, have the TPB "Superman vs Aliens."  Does that count?

  5. I think Thor, while decent in recent memory, has suffered from both lateness and weak editorial direction with respect to the overall line. Superman doesn’t even have Superman in it nor a name artist. Not surprising that’s not selling gangbusters, Robinson or no.

    Guardians however has been stellar GROUP storytelling since it’s launch, both in writing and art with a few minor missteps here and there. Even with a cast of close to a dozen at least, I bet any reader of the series could tell you a great deal about any of the D-list characters involved and it speaks to how well the characters and concept have been done. This whole Marvel space line is deserving of even wider recognition. 


  6. love the cover. so pumped for this series.

  7. It was insane to read. DnA, Walker, Olazaba, Quintana and even Caramagna gave me a mind orgasm.

    Its like fucking a pusy with your eyes!

  8. Moondragon is HOT!

  9. "Even the damn dog" That broke my heart 

  10. I can’t believe I like Jack Flagg.

  11. I miss Cosmo  🙁

  12. I really like the way the DNA is rotating the cast in this book.  It gives this book the feeling that it’s on a grander scale than most other books.  I feel that each character is getting his/her chance to shine and then being rotated out. 

     I think that Fraction should read GoG and apply that to Uncanny.  (There are way to many characters there, but all we ever see anymore is Cyclops, Emma, Wolverine, Beast, & Namor!)

  13. @IronBobby: As do I TnT

  14. Walker’s art looked a lot better in this issue than it did in the last few issues he worked on. Like, during the War Of Kings tie-in, I wasn’t particularly fond of the art, it seemed off with somethings and some of the facial expressions looked… strange, but in this issue the art looked really good. I donno, maybe it’s just me.

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