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Last week, we learned about the other side of the fault in “Realm of Kings”. Before that, we gained a bit of insight into the fault through Nova. Here, AnL present the fault through the eyes of GoG, and they do so skillfully, though with much less intensity. The need for a lower intensity book was obvious, as the deaths of several of the major characters in this book (including some of my favorites, Cosmo and Adam Warlock) brought forth a wave of heavy emotion that demands a step backwards.

Furthermore, if GoG loses its distinct sense of humor (a militant raccoon with a big gun, a talking space-tree, and the everyman superhero from earth who takes it all in incredulously), it will not be the special comic that it is at present. Somehow, GoG can easily survive changes in art (although this issue was better than some of the recent ones), but I do not think that it would survive a change in narrative structure.

I suspect that the new arc beginning this issue will be a winner, although I am not sure that it will be the acme of the AnL GoG run. No problem jumping on here for those who want to learn more about the Marvel cosmic space, but no imperative either.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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