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  1. 2 issues in the span of 2 weeks. *Sniff* God Bless America

  2. That is one awesome cover.

  3. yes the issues coming out soooo fast is nice, but I think the quality is suffering. That last issue was poopy!

  4. can do with out the art but not a bad  issue.  i think they needed to hurry this arc up so they can do War of Kings

  5. THE ART IS AWFUL!!!!!!! Please, Marvel, find someone better! This book deserves much better than the pencils, of W. Craig.

  6. Didn’t enjoy the story or art, this arc makes me want to drop the book. I won’t however because I have liked it so much in the past.

  7. They’ve still got me hooked but this book has definitely suffered since War of Kings began.

  8. i borrowed this from a friend…  never read the title before but heard good things..  i thought it was pretty good…  i loved the art…  suprised to read all the negative comments… 

  9. @insight – It’s not so much that I thought this was bad, but GotG is usually so much better.


  10. I thought this issue was a lot better than last.  I liked the surprise at the end about Phyla.  I didn’t see that coming.  I thought that this issue did come out fairly quickly, but I’m not gonna complain about that!

  11. I never thought Guardians of the Galaxy would be on my pull list after the age of 13.  This book consistently proves me wrong.  Maelstrom has been so underutilized.

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