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This latest arc began pretty poorly.  Issue #11 focused on two of the weaker characters in their search for the weakest.  Although I was prepared to dislike issue #12, I actually found it really enjoyable.  As always, DnA’s trademark humor is there.  But, I was also happy to find that the characters were given something more to do.  The ground was set in this issue for developments to happen down the road.  It’s still not as fun to read Guardians without Rocket, Groot, or Starlord, but next issue should bring the full team (or teams?) back into full focus.  I wasn’t the greatest fan of the art in #11, but I found Craig to be consistently better in this one.  If you read this and Nova, I would suggest reading Guardians first.  There’s some minor overlap in both stories, and Nova will be better if you read it second.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. This review mirrors my thoughts on this issue EXACTLY.

  2. This was an awesome issue.  The story was definitely well played, and I’m sure its going to have ramifications in the coming times.  

    I agree with you about the art, but I don’t know if it was Craig’s pencils so much as the coloring the issue.  There was a lot of digital coloring, which ended up washing out some of the pencils I think. 

  3. @Neb: Now that you say it, I think you might be write about Craig’s pencils.

  4. The ending was one of those "Oh Shit" moments to me. i really like this issue. And like everyone else, the art seemed off with issue 11, but in this issue the art was considerably better. The was a nice sense of scale with Craig’s art, like when the Dragon of the Moon was standing over the characters. Very good issue in the end.

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