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• Welcoming the new creative team of ROB LIEFELD, FRANK TIERI and SCOTT CLARK

• Grifter’s troubles worsen as he races to stop the impending DAEMONITE invasion

.• Featuring the first appearances of DEATHBLOW and CHESHIRE in The New 52!

Written by Rob Liefeld & Frank Tieri
Pencilled by Scott Clark
Inked by David M. Beaty
Colored by Andrew Dalhouse
Lettered by Wes Abbott
Colored by:
Cover by Rob Liefeld & Andrew Dalhouse

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.0
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  1. Dropped!

  2. Yeah, I think this is my last issue.

    I’m not a Liefeld hater, but when I was reading the solicit, all I could picture was:

    • Grifter’s troubles worsen as Rob Liefeld takes the reigns of his book.

    Sorry, Mr. L! I just gat a weird sense of humour!

  3. This book is now dead to me…

  4. I really liked this so far. Oh well.

  5. I’ll have to make this decision last minute at the shop I”ve never read any Liefeld books before, but his track record doesn’t seem to good.

  6. Liefeld actually not the sole reason I’m dropping this one, though he certainly is a factor.

    Generally I was enjoying this book less and less as it went along. Plus, I hated Tieri’s run on Wolverine, so him writing that was sort of the final straw for me.

    I fear for Voodoo too to be honest, I’m basically only sticking around for the Basri art on that one, it’s just not nearly as good since Marz left.

  7. Look closely at this cover and just see the artwork and how bad the proportions are and especially look at the legs and feet!! I am so sorry this just looks so old and bad!! The inside is much better since the artitst inside is not Rob so thats a good thing.
    Poor Grifter, I was a big fan and thought for sure you were going to become one of DC’s new power houses.. well I guess I am wrong!!


  8. not a bad issue but nothing very special about it either, just a really average book.

  9. Grifter was a very good issue except for the cover artwork was funny looking if you take a look at the feet, and then the problem with the way the girls boobs were drawn. In one panel ione boob looked like a pencil eraser and then again like it was a slug! The story for this title seems to keep getting better and I think Rob’s plots and storys may help just stay away from the pencils and some one help the artist inside learn to draw proper womanly antomy!!


  10. much like deathstroke rob took a great foundation that had already been laid and threw it in the trash. l felt like i was reading a script for gi joe cartoon.

  11. You know who else totally sucked? Jack Kirby. Have you looked at the cover for X-Men #1? Talk about not drawing feet… what the hell happened to Jean’s? She must be in the process of falling with her feet that far behind her center of gravity. And how is Iceman standing on one side of Magneto but his snowballs are hitting the other? How was there an issue #2 with that crappy art?

    • The feet on the cover of this issue look good and Liefield is getting better with feet here and there but dissing KIrby? I don’t even know where to begin, the man paved the way for comix as much as any other big name you can think of but more. Also, he churned out pages left n right back then like they were going outta style, way before any photoshop or constant reworking was even in the question. He could draw feet, they were more focused on getting the stories published in time and being good then feet. Most people probably won’t even comment on that insult cause they figure it isn’t even worth wasting the thought on and you have no business near comix if you don’t respect Kirby. But I wanna see Deathblow in the next issue! Or soon right?

    • All sarcasm aside, I don’t have a problem with Kirby. What I do have a problem with is people nit-picking Liefeld’s art because it’s trendy to do so. You don’t see other artists getting the same scrutiny Liefeld does. If you don’t like the style, fine, to each their own. However, bashing Liefeld’s art doesn’t make anyone sound discerning, it makes them sound like good regurgitators of other people’s opinions.

  12. Deathblow was in this one, f@#k! Not like its gonna sell out, I’ll get a copy.

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