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Seattle is known for coffee, clouds, and Q-Core. Grifter’s struggle has led him to the headquarters of a hero, but not without a few surprises along the way. Just when the gun-wielding con man thinks he’s gotten the upper hand in his situation, he realizes he’s put himself in the center of the bull’s-eye!

Guest-starring Green Arrow!


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  1. This might be my last issue. Edmondson didn’t seem to bring the same heart-pounding thrills here like he did with Jake Ellis. And with CAFU moving on, there’s really not much keeping me here.

  2. ugh green arrow cross-over! That book is Terri-bad, here’s hoping they don’t expect you to know what’s going on in green arrow to understand this because it will be an instant drop for me if that’s the case.

    • It’s not a cross over it’s a guest appearance. They happen every now and again when you have shared universes. I’d be very surprised if you need to know more than he wears green and he shoots arrows..

  3. This should be fun, maybe at the end GA will become the Grifters pal and maybe he will have someone that will help him other than his girlfriend who is not doing a very good job of anything right now. This could be a real good team up now and in the future.


  4. I like the idea of Grifter being the Gambit of the DCU. You just have to make him relevant. He needs to have a purpose. Not being caught by the government isnt enough for me. I want a more pro-active Grifter who is using his con-man skills to achieve his goals. A guy running around shooting things just aint going to cut it. More mystery and intrigue a la Jake Ellis please!

    • I doubt he’ll be running for much longer. Given that the government “knows” whats up, and the subsequent reveal in “Voodoo”, chances are Cole is going to be gearing up big-time to take on whats coming.

    • @Blargo-could not agree more, he is going to get geared up and get some revenge on them alien bastards!!
      @RedBaron-Like I said issues ago I think Grifter will become a major player in the DCU!! It is going to take some time to build him up and then when he gets there you will know!


  5. Well I just skipped over to CBR and read the preview for this issue and it really starts out pretty damn cool! I can’t wait to get my hands on this tonioght..


  6. It’s going to be easy to say no to this book until it gets better art.

  7. geez the green arrow can ruin anything……and what is this art? please bring cafu back asap. damn shame, I was really enjoying this one too

  8. Dropped.

  9. So color me intrigued by the presumable ties between the Demon Knights and Daemonites.

    I have to say, as someone with very little history with the Wildstorm characters prior to the new 52, books like Voodoo, Grifter, and Stormwatch are really catching my interest. Great storytelling all around.

  10. Wow this was bad. 2/5 Dropped!

  11. This was the weakest issue so far. Not a fan of the art change and it looks like it’ll be permanent. The Green Arrow showing up, particularly in his new costume, doesn’t do this book any favors either. Between this, Voodoo’s slow start, and Cornell stepping off Stormwatch, my interest in the Wildstorm books has really dropped off.

  12. Liked this issue as it starts to feel like we are head to some big answers and the appearance by GL was good.


  13. On the subject of the art…
    I thought the characters were plenty good, and I think the vehicles on their own were decent enough too. But for some reason the vehicles didn’t look like they belonged on the same panels as the characters. They seemed to be a lot more heavily photo-referenced or something.

    I’m sticking with it though. I didn’t think Green Arrow’s appearance felt too forced. I’m still excited to see where it goes next.

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