Comic Books

Plotted by Rob Liefeld
Scripted by Rob Liefeld & Frank Tieri
Art by Scott Clark & David Beaty
Cover by Rob Liefeld

Price: $2.99
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  1. Do not like the cover at all but I love this book . Glad Liefeld quit. I’m not sure who’s replacing him but they’ve got to be better than the last. I just feel like Grifter could be a great book in the right hands…

    • The right hands being Edmonson without so many editorial mandates. The first few issues of this book were awesome! I’m not as into “Grifter the chosen one” but I’ll see how the transition goes with Liefeld off the book.

      Maybe Voodoo being on the supporting cast will breathe some new life into it. I liked her book for the most part.

  2. Now I finally understand what all of the Liefeld pouches are for…it’s for the Grifter’s hair gel and mousse!

    That’s an interesting hair style, to say the least.

  3. That’s a rough cover even for Liefeld’s standards. I know I should just mind my own business but I can’t help wondering what the appeal of that artwork is.

  4. I saw that cover and my honest to goodness first though was “how does this happen?”

  5. talk about collecting a paycheck. he rob join us, it is 2012 not 1992.

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