• By a Green Lantern — betrayed!

• A mission to recruit allies against the unstoppable Third Army goes horribly wrong when Jediah Caul, a deep-cover GL, shows his true colors!

• This issue leads directly into the new epic THE HUNTED, featured in the new series THRESHOLD, also in January!

Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Scott Kolins & Andrei Bressan
Cover by Scott Kolins

Price: $4.99
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Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. Really looking forward to Threshold, will give this a go.

  2. Another Human Green Lantern? I’m beginning to think they’re all Humans at this point. 😛

  3. Why was this an annual and not a zero issue?

  4. Why did I waste 5 dollars on this? This isn’t an annual, this is a 0 issue for Threshold!

  5. This was horrible. The writing and art were bad. I love Green Lantern books just for the sake of Green Lantern too. This is AWFUL.

  6. Well let’s sum up the reviews.Ugh.

    And i agree.That art was downright atrocious at some points, WAY too much dialogue about stuff i didn’t care about with very little impact on the story and the loose connection to Rise of the Third Army only served to insult the best Green Lantern book out there now (New Guardians) and a moderately good storyline (Third Army).

    I get that it is tying to Threshold and if you’re excited for Threshold, more power to you.This issue tries to set up the stuff going on in the universe BESIDES Third Army and attempts to establish the characters we’ll see yet it muddles that up with an influx of New Guardians characters that probably WON’T be showing up in Threshold.

    If you have to ask yourself what you’ll spend five dollars on.Buy a soft pretzel and a soda and NOT this.

  7. I liked this – don’t get all the hate.

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