World breaker and sun killer: Invictus has come to remake us all into his vision of perfection – he just needs to burn everything in his path first. In the New Guardians’ most desperate hour, Red Lantern Bleez returns, but is even her rage a match for the wrath of a living god? All this and the origin of Invictus – and how it all ties back to Larfleeze!

Written by Tony Bedard
Pencilled by Tyler Kirkham
Inked by Batt
Cover Color by Nei Ruffino
Lettered by David L. Sharpe
Colored by Nei Ruffino
Cover by Tyler Kirkham & Batt

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. My interest in this series is growing (albeit not by leaps and bounds) each issue. At first, my attitude was: “well, at least its not Guy Gardener in GLC.” I have come around on this series and am fairly intrigued.

  2. I really enjoy Kyle Rayner at the main GL for this one, and I’m kinda excited to see what happens down the line with the different lanterns working together, there’s already the relationship between Rayner and Saint Walker, and Rayner and Fatailty so I’m interested to see what else happens.

  3. Well I pulled it anyway and I have to admit this was a pretty good issue all around! Not that the artwork was ever really in question that has been good from the first issue. I just felt the story really blossomed here in this issue and has put new life into it.


  4. I enjoyed this issue quite a bit and the series as a whole. I feel that the series keeps improving in quality issue after issue. Although I should say that Kyle needs to shave, it’s getting distracting.

  5. I don’t get tired of professing my love for this title, and issue #7 is not the exception. Larfleeze is not just comical relief anymore, Arkillo and Bleeze have very interesting moments, and the New Guardians embark on a different mission. Tyler Kirkham’s art is amazing, as always.

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    • I am a huge Larfleeze fan and thats the reason I have stuck around this book this long. This issue like I said has finally tweeked my intrests and now that my girl Bleeze has a mind of her own this is really gonna be a blast. I hope they can keep this GL title fresh and free of the others, and I hope there are more out there space exploration type stories and less dealings with the actual Gaurdians for awhile, the little blue guys are annoying. You are dead on with your description of Tyler’s artwork!


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