As “War of the Green Lanterns” sweeps through April, Guy Gardner must deal with the painful consequences of GREEN LANTERN #65 and GREEN LANTERN CORPS #59.

And check out George P

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by GEORGE PEREZ

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  1. While I will concede that something has seemed a bit off with the Green Lantern series’ I’m still enjoying them as much as most other comics.

  2. Why is the cover not showing up? It’s got spoilers for the end of GLC 59, but anyone who cares about being spoiled should have read last week’s books already.

  3. @sakuuya  DC hasn’t released it yet.

  4. @conor  Really? It’s on their site…

  5. @sakuuya  And now it’s updated.

  6. While I am enjoying all of the green lantern books, I think I am going to step away from the series once war of the green lanterns is done.  I feel that there is way to much of all the colored lanterns for my taste. I need some time away to recharge my batteries and then I may jump back in.

  7. they really should just write an all montage issue of Green Lantern where they show off different costumes. They could set it to Jitterbug, if comics had music of course

  8. I tried, but I can’t warm up to the indigo fatigues. Somehow the fact that they’re fatigues makes it more feminine. If it were just an indigo version of John’s uniform, I’d have absoutely no problem with it. As is it just weirds me out. And the bandana doesn’t help.

    I’m still enjoying GL, etc. but it’s testing my dedication. I’ll be glad when the GL War is over. In the grand scheme of things, it’s barely a blip on the radar so far. I really just wanna see how Hal gets the rest of the New Guardians outta the Book of the Black, and how they’re going to stop Krona and recapture the entities. After that, it’s time for a change of pace.

  9. I really liked the last issue (GL Corps) and am looking forward to more of the former GLs trying out the other rings.

  10. I’m enjoying the main GL book, and even GLC, but this is doing nothing for me. Since I normally only read GL, I don’t think I’ll be keeping up with this when the event ends.

  11. I agree with @SamIAm, I’m done for a while once this story is wrapped up

  12. Why does everybody always say they are jumping off GL at the end of the arc?  People are always saying that!!!!!

  13. John Stewart is man enough to wear purple, end of story.

  14. @robbydzwonar: People already put some stock into the arc and just want to see it finished. It isn’t a sole GL thing.

  15. Fun issue. I’m glad the team split up though. Two characters interacting is a lot less crowded. The arguing was getting a little annoying.

  16. WOGL is finally picking up.  I enjoyed this issue and I’m glad to see where this story is going to run to now.

  17. Mogo: always a badass.

    That buried Guardian cache was cool.  That prototype looked like the Infinity Gauntlet…  Lots of goodies in there that can be played with in future?

  18. So it sounds like I’m not the only one looking to drop this book once the arc wraps up

  19. I actually felt like this was the strongest Emerald Warriors yet.   I also loved seeing the Guardian tech behind the scenes!  I still dont think this series is quite as strong as the other two, but I had a lot of fun with this ish.

  20. This whole GL War is full of really fun little tidbits, but I’m just not enjoying the ride the way I have been since Rebirth.  I dunno.  It’s just too much warring.  When you keep the stakes high for years it starts to get stale.  I’m not GL fatigued like a lot of people seem to be, and I’m nowhere near dropping any GL titles.  But I’m really hoping for a change of pace after this wraps up.

  21. First decent issue of the series. Still not buying GLC and don’t feel like I’m missing much.

  22. So far GLC has been entirely skippable in this War of the Lanterns. Nothing happens there that isn’t immediately summarized in the others.

  23. I enjoy the artwork of Emerald Warriors, but I really am not caring for this War of the Green Lanterns story. At least it is not Green Lantern Corps which has been almost painful to read and to look at.

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