In “War of the Green Lanterns” part 3, it’s the main event!

Guy Gardner vs. Hal Jordan – winner take all!

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by TYLER KIRKHAM & BATT

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  1. Having a lot of fun with Green lantern again.

  2. Hmm… I liked last week’s first two parts of the War… but I really don’t wanna buy this book…

  3. Was thinking of jumping off, but I’m in for Hal vs. Guy.

  4. Kick his ass, Guy. Hal has gotten too big for his green britches.

  5. This book has AMAZING art.

  6. I wasn’t going to buy Corp and Warriors, but I really enjoyed GL and GLC last week so I’ve decided I’m in for the whole ride. I’m hoping this fight will be “real” and not like Kyle and John’s fight which was due to possession. This fight was hinted at at the start of Brightest Day and needs the pay off.

    I felt GL was losing it’s way during the last arc, this is a return to form.

  7. I agree with Casey I do not wanna buy this book since I dropped this title about two issues ago because it was so bad!! This is part 3 to the Green Lantern war so I guess I am stuck????


  8. I dropped all the other GL books except this one… hope this event isn’t too incomprehensible reading every third issue

  9. I really enjoyed Part 1 in GL. Part 2 in GL Corps was kinda blah. But EW has replaced Corps as my second GL book overall. War of the GLs has grabbed my attention faster than I expected it to. Lookin forward to this.

  10. Skipped GL Corp but felt like I really didn’t miss anything after this, EW continues to be my fave GL book.

  11. I enjoyed it, the last two parts of the War have been easy to read through, and fun as well, really intersted with where they go with this next, this is the only DC book I have ANY interest in right now, adn if it wasn’t for the War of GL, I would have only been buying one book this week

  12. I really enjoyed this issue as well as the others. There were a few things in the dialogue that bugged me(Krona destroyed a sector not just a planet) but on the whole I thought it was a strong issue.

  13. This was decent. Not as thrilling as GL last week, but better than Corps IMO. The ending in particular was pretty exciting. Lookin forward to the Hal/Guy team-up. Should be fun.

  14. Aaaand there goes the momentum. I have loved Tomasi on Nightwing and GLC, but this is not the Tomasi I know. The dialogue was off, the character motivations somehow vague and over explained simultaneously (which, to be fair, isn’t all Tomasi’s fault. This whole storyline has been built on shoddy motivations). Not terrible, but it’s pretty obvious which book is gonna be the weak link in this crossover.

  15. I just read all three recent GL books.  I dug part one in Green Lantern.  Both Corp and Emerald Warriors had a pretty similar and obvious “let’s fight for an issue then move on to the actual plot” feel.  I understand why they did it but it was a bit of stretch for an entire issue and I basically read the same thing twice.  I enjoy the art way more of EW so I liked this one better.

  16. I liked the fight scenes; BECAUSE ITS A WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS! There will be fights and I will have to agree the art was better in EW. I still have this issue dropped every week excpet for this War thing. I will keep up with War of The Lanterns no matter where it takes me. I may not like it however; Hal Jordan is one of my first and favorite characters in all of comic books. Anyway the story yes it is true; nothing much different going on here to there. That also maybe be the reasoning so everyone can follow right? 

  17. Not a fan of this, but I’m going to keep buying it to get the full story. I hate it when that happens…

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