In this prelude to the “War of the Green Lanterns,” the battle with Zardor and his Green Lantern Corps reaches its epic conclusion! Hold on to your willpower, because events in this issue spin directly into the coming war!

Written by PETER J. TOMASI

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  1. I hate these “Road To” banners. But I’ve been enjoying the series as a whole.

  2. Seemed to take about 2-3 issues too many to get here. A case of a story being padded or stretched to
    fit the broader event, I think. I thought last issue finally brought some heat, hopefully this will continue that momentum.

  3. Personally I think Tomasi is writing the best GL book out there right now…

  4. Creepy, oddly sexual cover. Bet it’s big in Japan.

  5. I’ve been very happy with this series from the beginning.

  6. Yes, sort of a provocative cover, probably my fave book out there, think the pacing and build up has been epic.

  7. I finally picked this book up with the last issue, and I didn’t like it at all.  Guy Gardner doesn’t talk or act like the Guy I know.  Tomasi is always about advancing the plot while missing out on the heart of the characters.

  8. I know this book hasn’t gotten a lot of love but I like it and GL Corp way better than GL proper.

  9. Picked it up because of the banner and because I’ve been reading Green Lantern.  Was not impressed.

  10. Hated the art this issue. The art really got in the way of telling a good story. I personally had a difficult time figuring out what the artist was trying to portray story-wise. The writing on this issue did absolutely nothing for me. Worst issue of the run so far, IMHO. Consider it dropped.

  11. @RocketRacoon  Yeah! It was weirdly hard to see what was actually happening. I think it had a lot to do with the coloring too.

  12. Piked this up on a lark today…it was ok. Not bad, but not too good either. It had some cool elements, like Guy fighting inside a giant snake, but otherwise this left me kinda cold.

  13. I liked this a lot. The part where Guy is getting eaten by the giant snake was CREEPY. the only thing I had a problem with was that Sodam apparently grabbed Bleez off-panel, because all of a sudden he’s holding her. I think this story was a little long, but for my money Tomasi is one of the best writers DC has right now.

  14. I missed the last issue so it took me a minute to catch up with what had happened but other than that I thought the issue was great.  Interesting people thought the art was hard to follow.  Some crazy stuff was going on for sure and it took me a couple takes during some sequences but I think the action and character positions were conveyed just fine.

  15. This issue was a mess. I don’t know what happened to Tomasi this week but He seems to have forgotten how to lay out a story.

  16. Wow, where’s the love kids? I hate admitting I kinda like this title. I hated Guy back in the 90’s…now, I kinda feel for him and his nausea issues. The art was weak and confusing this ish, but I’ll keep on keepin on for a big longer…

  17. @Lebahn I have really liked this up until this issue. But I couldn’t follow the story at all. Things were just happening without explaination.

  18. @Minion  I’m glad you said you couldn’t keep up either.  I thought I missed something.  I liked the issue in a train wreck sense as there were some cool fights, Kilowog.  

    Though I couldn’t figure out why Sodam was still under mind control, why Bleez was able to hang out while Guy was caught, what exactly made Kilowog change his mind, etc.

    I’m going to re-read earlier issues.

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