Green Lantern battles Green Lantern and a new villain storms the scene. But what are his plans and what association does he have with a tiny, mysterious hooded figure? Plus, Guy Gardner’s rage boils up!

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Variant cover by FELIPE MASSAFERA

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Probably my top Green Lantern book right now.

  2. …. yeah …. 

  3. Last issue got us going, but It’s like there’s been one too many issues. 

  4. I have a feeling that this title won’t be around for very long because not enough folks are buying it!!  🙁


    I though the regular Green Lantern book usually came out the same week as this?!

  5. @robbydzwonar Think its a lot to do with the $3.99 price point.  When this drops in January I’ll probably start picking this up.

  6. One of my top books overall right now, great build-up to the story and the art has been getting better and better, was just a little too convenient to me how Bleez joined the gang with hardly a qualm from the others.

  7. I have been pleasently surprised by this book. Good, solid story and nice artwork. 

  8. @Franktiger: I thought about that too.  I think the reason that the other team members are not too concerned about Bleez joining the "team" is because they were able to easily subdue her with the help of the blue lantern.

  9. @ctroseir – well ok, but can’t trust a Red Lantern though, much less a RL like Bleez now can you?  She’ll no doubt in my mind turn on them when the opportunity arises.  

    Also had a problem with the whole supposition that GL’s would go crazy if they knew Ion was the source of their power drain, why?  That was sorta a stretch to me, and furthermore, seemed a little excessive for Guy to want to kill Sodam for being the problem…like chills da heck out bro, but maybe that’s the Red Rage talking.

  10. @Franktiger: I hear ya, but keep in mind that Atrocitus and Guy are secretly sharing an agenda. That could be why Guy stuck up for Bleez joining the mission. You’re probably right though, she’ll most likely turn on them. Maybe then someone will grant my wish and hold an angry fist in the air while yelling, "BLEEEEEEEZZZZZZ!!!"

    Also, while I agree with you that the GLs could probably handle the news that Ion may be responsible for the drain, Guy never said he wanted to kill Sodam. He said he would if he had to.

  11. @WheelHands – HAHAHAHHA, yes, like Captain Kirk going, "KHHHHAAAANNN!!!"  Hope your wish comes true, would be sweet to see.  Can I try?  "BLEEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!" Ahhhh, feels good.

    Right, but clearly the Red Rage is still percolating within him, I think it’s that influencing him, because Sodam Yat to my understanding is a pretty highly regarded hero in his own right, hence the Ion power choosing him, and now all of a sudden Guy would kill the guy?  This foreshadows a showdown between them for sure, but I bet it’ll be a Red Lantern Guy that sets him off against him.

  12. @Franktiger: Haha. Well done. I could almost here it from here. Some names just lend themselves to vengeful screaming. Everytime I see the name "Bleez" I just wannt stretch it out.

    At this point I guess it’s fair to assume that any call Guy makes could be influenced by residual rage. Atrocitus may even be aware of that and using Guy for some shadowy agenda. That could be a fun twist. I wouldn’t mind a Guy/Sodam showdown. I was really digging Sodam’s story until it came to a screeching halt before Blackest Night. I hope we get to see more of him. Johns mentioned a Guy/Hal showdown on the horizon at NYCC as well. He mentioned the next big GL crossover being the War of the Green Lanterns. Lookin forward to that. Maybe the red rage will get the best of Guy after all.

  13. This was ok. Not a real busy issue. I dunno if I like where they seem to be taking Sodam. Punishing the Guardians? Normally I’m all for bashin the blue meanies but after Blackest Night I think they’ve been knocked down the right amount of pegs. It’s kinda old news. I’m also not real fond of Sodam’s new Blair Witch symbol. Still, some great Guy lines as always. And I like seein Kilowog on a mission instead of just kicking ass in a crowd of green.

  14. I really liked this issue. Especially Kilowog pointing out that everyone’s getting darker and its not a good thing.

    @Wheelhands I’m thinking he’s the new villain’s latest recruit and with him comes a cult of Superman level followers. Hopefully its not a permanent thing. 

  15. @Minion: Ya know, a friend of mine just ran that same theory by me and I think you’re on to something. That would be interesting.

    Are the Daxamite followers still powered? Is it Earth they landed on at the end? I was confused by that. The sun they were approaching looked yellow, and Sodam called it a big blue rock, but they never said for sure that’s where they ended up.

  16. I am very much enjoying this run and I love Peter Tomasi, so I was very much confused when I was reading and Arisia was asking the battered man about the wherabouts of Sodam and the next page showed Guy as if he had just been punched. I thought to myself "Hmmm this bad writing. Do they want me to fill in the blanks"? So I kept on truckin’ on when I got to the point where the slavemaster was being brought into the sky by Guy. Next page and the crew is going into the rock formation and blah blah Guy gets punched for being Guy. Me being the Sherlock Holmes type, finally figured it out that this was some sort of printing error. Anyone else get a copy like this out there?

  17. @Wheelhands The ring said Sodam has went to the unknown sectors so not Earth.

  18. @Minion: Ok cool. So are the Daxamites still powered? None of them are showing any evidence of having powers.

  19. @Wheelhands I’m going to assume he brought them to a planet with a yellow sun but we’ll probably learn more next issue.

  20. Solid issue. Space cops in action.

  21. @WheelHands, @Minion – yes, looks like Sodam is starting some sorta cult, but not sure how that’ll be associated with the new villain.  Sodam sounds more and more deranged in his diatribe, didn’t see that coming, not sure where he lost his way.  The cast of players in this story just elevates my intrigue and excitement for this book, cus don’t forget Atrocitus out there waiting to give Bleez the word, I’m waiting for that to happen.

    Feel like this Rakkonium stuff came outta left field, did they mention that anywhere else before?

  22. @Franktiger. The very first action sequence in the first issue where Guy busts apart that spaceship. That ship was carrying Rakkonium I believe.

  23. @JaqueNargg – yes, you’re right, thanks, too many bong hits does this to you.

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