• “ALPHA WAR” part one!

• JOHN STEWART is put on trial for the murder of a fellow GREEN LANTERN by the ALPHA LANTERNS!

Story by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Fernando Pasarin & Scott Hanna
Cover by Fernando Pasarin & Scott Hanna

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Andrew Gaboury05/17/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. John Stewart on trial? How many times since John’s creation has he been in some sort of trial, punishment or just made to feel like he owes his life for everything that happens?? Even in the cartoons in the DC Unlimited he was brought to trial and then way back in Mosiac he did something and had to pay for it. I for one was hoping a change for John however; it seems he is still the same old poor John!! I do not know how much more of this I can take for John’s sake, he really could use a good break finally and maybe see a different side of John Stewart?? Some how with this issue I doubt it and probably not anytime real soon either. Well I wanna see what happens here before I drop this from my pull list, so I will give it till the end of this story arc…..I hope…I will try and make it.


  2. I actually wish that they would kill John here… The upcoming war needs to be more than just “changing of the guards.” Have the Alpha Lanterns kill John while the Guardians watch and do nothing. It will make the battle personal. John’s death would also bring together Hal, Guy, and Kyle again to kick some blue ass!

  3. Where’s my war?

    I was expecting John vs the alpha lantern with Guy helping him but nope its just CSI green lantern style and I hate CSI.

    If it wans’t for this guardian conspiracy stuff I would have dropped this by now.

  4. I am just tired of John Stewart as a character now! He really brings me down and as soon as Guy and all of the 2814 Lanterns figure this out the better. He is like half suicidal anyway so maybe he will off him self or maybe they will put him to death and then we can move on to The Guardians dismantaling of all of the Corps. They also need to either be fixed and brought back to the good side and put back in their emerald tower and only to be seen once like a year or kill the little blue bastards off already. Otherwise; I have nothing else to say about this title right now.


  5. Not a great happens here but it was still a good read in progressing the larger storyline with the Guardians.

    I’ve always found Guy to be far too annoying, too cliched, whereas John, not exactly life of the party, adds a good balance. If John were to die in this storyline, I’d have difficulty in reading this if it is just based around Gardner.


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