The Guardians’ plan to replace the Corps continues to move forward as John Stewart is arrested by the Alpha Lanterns! The terrible truth of John Stewart’s crime has been uncovered by the Corps – and unfortunately for them, John refuses to go quietly.

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Pencilled by Fernando Pasarin
Inked by Scott Hanna
Lettered by David L. Sharpe
Colored by Gabe Eltaeb
Cover by Fernando Pasarin, Scott Hanna & Gabe Eltaeb

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Hey, folks reading this. What’s the verdict? Worth a shot?

    • I say yes, the title looks like it’s going to be better, to me this is my least favorite of the GL titles and if your looking to get into some GL read the main one it’s a lot more fun and better written. But that’s just me because the last story arc for Corps was pretty dumb (since these rings the most powerful weapon in the universe don’t work on these guys were going to use some guns)

    • @CaseyJustice – I really was about ready to drop this title, I like the regular Green Lantern title and The Red Lanterns is also very good if you are not reading them; give them a try. This title for me had finally made a change for the good last issue and the end of #6. Right now I am going to check this issue out and see if anything relavent happens according the Guardians trying to dispand the corps. I don’t know I would not recommend this to new readers right now just not good enough.


  2. If you’re already reading the main Green Lantern title, yes pick this up because this is better.I’m a long time GL Corp fan, and curiosity has got me keeping this title for now. By far not the worst DC book.

    • Is this the better GL book? What about New guardians is that good too?

    • In order:

      Green Lantern
      The Red Lanterns
      New Guardians
      Green Lantern Corps.

      This is the way I rank them right now, I need to make some monitary decsions coming up here by the end of the month again and I think NG and GLC will be dropped.


  3. Love the other 3 Green Lantern books but I dropped this because it seemed like just dumb action scenes. Might pick it back up since it looks like the story is going to have some impact on the other books. Also, Batman and Robin is so beloved, hopefully Tomasi’s writing in general has just gotten better.

  4. I haven’t read that title, but if you’re a huge fan of the whole Green Lantern mythos, I’m sure you’d enjoy it

  5. Flipped through this. So basically the Guardians want to replace the Green Lantern Corps with the Green Lantern Corps Extreme. Sucky.

  6. The promotion of Guy Gardner and him excepting it seems really weak. I do not ever see Gardner excepting any kinda of promotion from them little blue dudes even if he could gloat over Hal on how much better of a GL they feel he is. I think he knows something is up deep inside and just played along with them. I have to say this issue will be the last for me, I keep buying it so I could spend some time with Guy. I will have to get all of my Gardner fix in the pages of the JLI.



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