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John Stewart and Kyle Rayner figure out their roles in the coming end the “War of the Green Lanterns” – but what that means will rock the Corps to its core!

Written by TONY BEDARD
Variant cover by CLAYTON CRAIN

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  1. At this point, I’m just waiting for the story to end. I want to see how it turns out, but I’m not too happy about it. There are parts that are good, but definitely not 3 books worth.

  2. I’m still wondering which of the human GLs is going to die…

  3. It won’t really matter if the rumors of Flahspoint are true.

  4. Still fun. I doubt anyone’s going to die @supertrackmonkey. I think someone is going to switch corps.

  5. I wanna hear some of these rumors.

  6. @robbydzwonar

    From what I’ve heard is that Flashpoint is an ‘alternate timeline’ event, not a multiverse event. The events in Flashpoint are how the timeline has changed (something has caused this, Kid Flash maybe?). Once Flashpoint#5 is done, all DC titles (Batman, Detective, Action, Superman, Green Lantern, etc.) will revert to #1 and all of the DC Universe will be in the “Flashpoint” timeline. Meaning Green Lantern will be Abin Sur, Batman is Thomas Wayne.

    Also, we’ve heard that Johns is doing Aquaman shortly, but we haven’t seen anything on it. His new aquaman title could be this new Aquaman that appears in Flashpoint, not the one that we know.

    If all of the DC Universe is put into an alternate timeline, then it doesn’t matter if any of the earthborn lanterns are dead in the current timeline, because the new timeline will take over.

  7. Also, we just found out that Johns and Lee have an upcoming announcement. Just in time for new solicitations.

  8. @WHATTHEDAST: I feel like those rumors are not entirely true. I think some of the flashpoint timeline might mix with the current time line. I just have a hard time believing that they would have all of this aftermath of green lantern and brightest day then choose to wipe it off just as it finishes. Who knows though.

  9. That’s why it’s a rumor. Who knows? It’s a little strange though that flashpoint 5 will release by itself that week, and that most of the current story arcs will finish around that time. I can see them mixing both timelines. Even if they do change the entire dc universe to this new timeline, they can always revert it back In a year or so when Barry Allen fixes it.

  10. I did not expect that ending. An interesting choice for John.

  11. @WHATTHEDAST: Yeah that is true, oh well I hope it really doesn’t do too much damage. We shall see

  12. I was getting the feeling this issue might end up being more filler to lead back to the plot from part 7 but then, bam, something crazy happens.  The crossover seems to be finishing strong.

  13. I’m not usually a fan of Green Lantern Corps (I prefer Green Lantern and GL Emerald Warriors), but this was definitely the best issue out of all three.

  14. I actually really enjoyed the three GL books that came out this week as a whole. Can’t wait for the conclusion. 

  15. Of the three GL books that came out this week, I agree that this one was the strongest. Definitely did not see that ending coming.

  16. This was a very fun issue as well. Bedard is really finding his voice with the Green Lantern Corps. I hope he uses John more in the future.


    I hope that isn’t the case at all. Hopefully, Geoff will only bring the characters from Flashpoint into DC proper. If that were the case I think that the fallout from Flashpoint would be better than the event itself. Those possibilities would play out wonderfully.

  18. Great ending saving what was an art and dialogue mess as far as I was concerned.

  19. what a semi-milestone book! Mogo died! especially liked the part where John goes all Black Lantern. There was some-one in the prievious comments that said some-one might switch corps– i completely agree.

    RIP MOGO– although, swamp thing might resurrect mogo because hes the white lantern, they’re both plant-like beings and it would really be a great way to keep mogo going
    maybe mogo will become a white lantern too? 

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