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Witness the fury of Guy Gardner – Red Lantern! But what horrible attack on the Corps would fuel Guy’s rage? And how can anyone save him from the grip of the crimson fury?

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art and cover by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman
Variant cover by Greg Horn

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Last issue was crazy good. Can’t wait to see how they are going to get Guy out of this. Or not, let’s keep him like this forever!

  2. @TNC – Guy as a Red Lantern going forward would be rather interesting.

  3. Woohoo! I love this book!

  4. Why is he still mad? Kyle is alive again.

  5. He doesn’t know that yet.

    Looking forward to this.

  6. Apparently that’s the variant cover.  Here’s the (unfinished) regular cover:

  7. I like the main cover even better. Guy is my personal favorite GL. What can I say, I like underdogs… I hope that if he stays a Red Lantern, we still get to see him around often. I don’t care if he’s likeable, I just hope he doesn’t disappear. I like his dynamic with Kyle.

  8. I’m sorry but if I can ask:

    Why does this site just show the variant cover? It seems to be doing this a lot for the GL books since Blackest Night started.

  9. I think it’s because DC has been putting the variant covers for solicits. I can’t find a finished version of the regular cove anywhere, and it usually doesn’t show up until Wednesday.

  10. I was let down by last issues undoing of most of the interesting things going on. Sodam Yat is still the only holdout of characters missing. 

    @TNC If I recall correctly, the database that fanboy links to use stock photos that then get updated on Wednesday with the final dress photos. As well, DC is giving out the Variants so as not to spoil the story like some of the covers do.

  11. I recently caught up on all of the blackest night main titles (1-6) would this be a good issue to jump in for corps? I hear it’s a great read.

  12. @mrowland90 – I started reading this title at issue #33, and it really set the stage for what’s currently happening in the book.  The "Emerald Eclipse" hardcover would be worth buying to catch up.  Or you could start with the issue where the Black Lanterns invade Oa, forgetting the number at the moment….

  13. @PraxJarvin/Rusty: That makes sense, I mean the last couple of covers for GLC did spoil what was inside the book.

  14. @mrowland90 I’d say pick up at least 42 and 43 as well. If available or affordable probably start from 39.

  15. It is a great time to be a Green Lantern fan…

  16. Patrick Gleason is the real hero of this book. go back through the whole series and just look at some of his pages.  fucking great!

  17. Trippy!

  18. I hope he stays red another issue, or even better, somehow manages to keep the red ring while remaining a green lantern. Maybe as a weapon of last resort in times of trouble. Or he could just Hulk out. Unfortunately thanks to Jeph Loeb I am no longer interested in Red Hulks.

  19. That cover is tripping balls

  20. Here’s hoping that Guy’s stays red . . . 
    Didn’t they originally have it that when one turns into a red lantern, basically the host’s entire body is altered? I remember the Blue Lanterns saved Hal from staying as a Red Lantern . . . was there a reason Hal wasn’t permanently altered?

  21. @Arrrggghhh I believe he wasn’t permanently taken over because he still had the green ring.

  22. @Prax I think you’re right which means Guy should be fine since he still has his green ring on. At least I think he does.

  23. Blue rings neutralize the red rings. But blue rings are powerless (except for basic flight and personal forcefield) without the presence of a green ring…

  24. I am so loving this arc! This issue was just fun from beginning to end and it’s all because of three things:


    Red Lantern Guy Gardner

    Patrick Gleason

    Just an amazing issue on all fronts. Your kicking yourself if you haven’t read this series yet. My POTW by miles!

  25. Okay, so maybe that was the actual cover afterall.

  26. @TNC I thought the same thing until I read Wolverine: Weapon X.  Both are good comics but the art was better in Weapon X.  Gleason has put on his A game in recent months though.  I don’t what I liked more Red Lantern Gardner or Mogo.  I think I may have to go with Gardner.

  27. THis issue was a little blah until Mogo showed up. Guy got on my nerves after a while. Atrocitus is not bat-shit insane with Rage, why is Guy. Mogo stole the show. Good issue, 4/5

  28. The Guy moments were just as bad as last time, but overall I enjoyed this issue more. Mogo was pretty bad ass, but I really was hoping to see him ram into Oa just for the fuck of it.

  29. I’ve read somewhere that Atrocitus is the only Red Lantern that can still control his thoughts and use reason, so that would explain why Guy is over the top crazy. Some of what Guy was saying was kinda awkward, but overall this was a phenomenal issue. Really inventive things going on in this title.

    This BN tie in arc has been so action packed, I was so happy to see Oa finally purged and thought maybe it would slow down a little. Guess not.

  30. i think the Red Lanterns would be more interesting if they could actually focus their thoughts and communicate. If that were the case, then i’d agree with you guys and say keep Guy a Red Lantern, but if he will just continue to act like he did in this issue, then change him back. He has no personality this way. I thought this was an okay issue, Mogo was definitely the highlight. I am looking forward to the next though, but not POW worthy

  31. Writers/artists need to take note of that first two-page spread (the one with Guy).  It’s one of the few I’ve seen that actually conveyed more emotion/meaning because it was a two-page spread.  They’re so overused that it was nice to see someone finally get it right.

  32. Well Atrocious is technically the ‘Guardian’ of the Red Corps. Since he also created them in the first place, I have to think he has some special privilage to not be bat shit insane…..completely.

    Guy also has a green ring on, so he is trying to control himself. But with the red ring on, and always having a temper, the red is the dominate focus right now.

  33. "Hand-to-hand combat is recommended" is a one great line.

  34. Gleason absolutely killed it this issue.

  35. Don’t make Guy Gardner angry.  You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

    @Prax – what a turnaround, I’m actually answering one of your comments for a change.  Well answer may be too strong a word.  Anyway, I think with Guy he’s ‘blowing his load’ so to speak.  He just got the ring and is finally releasing a lot of built up anger and rage.  He can barely contain it.  Atorcitus has been filled with rage for quite some time.  He’s got it under control.  My thought anyway. 

  36. For some reason this made me miss when guy was Warrior. Man hat was baller, like him better as a GL but the Warrior stuff was cool and weird

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