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  1. Everyone who reads GREEN LANTERN should be reading this too.

  2. and everyone should be reading Green Lantern

  3. If you read Green Lantern why havent you read this!?

    It’s clearly just as good, if not as equal quality to the main book. Hell that Mongul arc was pretty kick ass, plus Tomasi is now one of my favorite writers. 🙂

  4. Why is Patrick Gleason not doing the art? Is he done for good or just taking a couple issues?

  5. This arc feels like it will be essential reading for Blackest Night.

  6. I’m so glad I started reading this book.

  7. @Kory – Yeah me too.  I just started last issue and I’m loving this.

  8. Maybe this is a blanket statement that I can’t possibly prove unless I read every single book on the shelves & know how each one is universally rated, but  — this is the most underrated book on the shelves.

  9. @WadeWilson I’d agree with that. Love Tomasi on this book. I think the Mogul arc rocked harder than the Secret Origin

  10. @Greendart: Ehhhhh….I would have to disagree, although not by much. Overall I think the fact that Geoff Johns was able to tweak Hal Jordan’s origin just to fit his master plan is nothing but amazing and the art be Reis has been soild every issue. The Mongul arc was pretty good as well, but the story did dip a little cause we had to deal with the semi-origin of the Black Mercy. Even if it’s cool Tomasi made an origin for an Alan Moore creation….I think that issue was a bit wasted on that fact.

    Still cant argue that they will be my most anticipated trades when they come out. 🙂

  11. @ TheNextChampion  I love both stories, its just we’ve seen a lot of this arc before. and yeah that one issue ur talking about was my least favorite.

  12. I’m with you greendart — I liked the Mongul arc in GL Corps probably more than the current Hal Jordan origin arc. I like both, but maybe it’s the timing of the origin arc (right after huge events in Sinestro Corps War, we have 7 months of flash backs?) or maybe it’s the length of the origin arc. If it was 3 or 4 issues I woulda liked it wayyyyyyy more.

  13. Well this was a soild issue, read my review for more details 🙂 *warning: balanted advertising*

  14. I agree, pretty good issue.  The Guardian with the scar is very interesting.  This issue only reinforced my earlier feeling that this arc is going to be important for Blackest Night.  Very ominous ending.

  15. i almost quit buying this book a while back. i can’t remeber a certain reason why. but i’m glad i didn’t this last few issues have been great.

  16. The story has a great portentous feel; it’s definitely building to Darkest Night. And I love the art – crisp & clean, with a beautiful 1st page.

  17. Quintuplet alien serial killers with an eye ball fetish? What’s not to like about this book?

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