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  1. Shame this arc wasn’t what it could’ve been. Probably the worst story I’ve read by Geoff Johns so far, cause it was so predictable and boring. Plus the ‘hate’ for Philip Tan is justified for this arc, cause it’s pretty bad here.

  2. Gee DC, might have been better to release this three or four months ago when BLACKEST NIGHT was just beginning.

  3. I really like this trade.  Tan’s art didn’t bother me as it has in other books. 

    @ dandoody  I guess that DC assumes that people who would pick this up would also be planning to pick up Blackest Night in trade also (like me).

  4. Decent story that smoothly sets the pieces for Blackest Night. Larfleeze is a genius creation. Thorougly enjoyable Saturday afternoon read… and re-read.

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