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In this stunning prologue to the “War of the Green Lanterns,” an unearthly alliance is made, Hal Jordan and Sinestro make a difficult sacrifice, and the power of Parallax grows!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant Cover by GENE HA

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.5%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Coming off the great last issue I’m really looking forward to this again.

  2. The last two issues saved me from dropping this hopefully war the green lanterns will make up for what was mostly a forgettable arc like new gaurdians

  3. What is with villians in the GL universe and mustaches?

  4. Hoping that this knocks my socks off so that I can justify continuing to buy it. The last arc was a bit of a mess, helped in no way by the inconsistent art. I have loved Mahnke in the past and I hope to love his stuff again, but that was… it was not great.

  5. I am burnt out by all this neverending war. But this was my first DC book, so I’ll give this one more shot before dropping all things green lantern.

  6. I think this book needs to get disconnected from the mega-DC crosssover-ness and get back to telling its own self-contained stories. You can only juggle all those story balls so long before the strain shows, and I think it has been showing. I have had a blast ever since the Sinestro Corps War, but it is time to pull back a bit after the War/end of Brightest Day. I think the movie is probably a little bit to blame with DC trying to have all GL all the time when it arrives.

  7. awesome NES power glove

  8. I dropped this after BN, but want to get back in before WOTGL… how easy is it to jump on right now?

  9. @origamikid  Krona is back, that is all you need to know 😉

  10. @origamikid: This should be a good time to get in for that.  If I’m wrong, try last issue.

  11. @origamikid: This Krona guy is fucking shit up.  Hal Jordan teams up with all the other color lantern instead of having the top tier JLA characters having his back.  Hal Jordan doesn’t get along with Dick Grayson because he doesn’t know that BW is back to his 1989 Tim Burton costume…

  12. who the fuck is BW?

  13. loved in the last issue when someone asked when was the last time hal took his ring off. does anyone know when that was? seems like forever

  14. @edward  Bruce Wayne

  15. @luketowers:  I hope he never takes it off again.

  16. Who??

  17. I tried to jump back on with the last issue, but it seems like the same wheel-spinning with the Guardians’ neverending mythology. Blackest night was fun, but I just can’t take it any more. Not to be provincial, but call me when GL faces some non-ring-related bad guys.

  18. @edward  He’s just a mean old man, don’t worry about him

  19. I think Krona is way more bad ass than Nekron, but I have no experience with either character.  Is there any current continuity stories of Krona?  I looked him up on on Wikipedia and all it said was a little bit of silver age history and a large version of Krona who was in a JLA/Avengers crossover. 

  20. @robbydzwonar:  The most definitive Krona story in my mind is from the 1st Tales of the Green Lantern Corps mini circa 1980.  It’s collected in the first Tales of The Green Lantern Corps trade.  Wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the foundation for the new arc.

  21. @PozrDu  Thank you.

  22. I dropped this book but picked up this issue to see what was going on. It felt like Hal was hardly in this book. When Green Lantern starts telling Hal Jordan stories again instead of Tales of the Lantern Corps I will start reading this but right now I just don’t care about what’s happening.

  23. all right i loved this issue very excited for this arc!

  24. Love it! Despite Benes. I liked his pencils more than I usually do.

    Lots of folks are not happy with the direction of the book but I’m A-OK with it. 🙂

  25. This issue was a bit uneven but still good.  I know a lot of people are burnt out on GL but I love all the different corps and the color spectrum and Guardian mythology so I’m digging this.

    On an unrelated note, this is the first I’ve seen of the Batwoman preview and boy are those pages pretty.

  26. Alright! It’s like the book remembered to have momentum! Great issue.

  27. Awesome!! My POTW. To hell with the naysayers. I knew Johns was building toward Krona being responsible for the Manhunters “malfunction”, and in his usual style he got the obvious out of the way first. How bout that Power Gauntlet?! Pretty sweet. It reminded me of the lightsabers with the battery pack from the Old Republic. Very creative.

  28. My store didn’t have it. Said it just didn’t arrive this week.

  29. @Cedric That sucks. 🙁

    Great issue, I think Atrocitus might want to have a short discussion with Krona after this… 

  30. I’m definitely picking up this and Streets Of Gotham from my LCS tomorrow once I get some $$$ in the grip of my grubby hands!!  It’s almost the following Wednesday and I still haven’t picked up my stuff from the 3rd!! 

    I love DC!!  MARVEL can die.

  31. I just don’t buy that Krona invented the prototype Green Lantern. The Manhunters’ heads are basically a power battery after all. This was almost a great issue.

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